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My mother just had a stroke

Today morning my mother had a stroke and i feel i just cant do anything to stay mentally healthy. She is not going to wake up again and i cant cope with it. Every bit of help will be appreciated. Just need to chat or, i dont know, someone telling me this is going to be fine. Thank you in advance.


Hey there! Welcome to the HS community! Im so glad you are here. I am so sorry for what’s happened. Please take some time to take care of yourself (for you and your mom’s sake). You are more than welcome to come here to vent or if you need to talk <3

Yes, I need to talk with some stranger. It sounds weird, but I feel I dont want to speak to my friends, its just too painful.

It doesn’t sound weird at all! You can open up as much as you willing to on this forum.

I feel like its the end now. She was so full of energy and nothing made us think she could have it. Also, it was me who found her when came back home and that will haunt me forever.

I know this is a very hard time for you. Please, as I said, take care of yourself and keep coming back to the support wall as much as needed! We are ALWAYS here.

My dad has had several strokes, and it’s a very scary thing to see someone go through, no matter what stage the stroke is in when you find them. I’m sorry you had to go through that with your mother. And it’s not weird to want to talk to someone you don’t know about something so personal.

Today she passed away. The hardest thing i have ever done is calling every number on her phone to tell them the news.

I am only strong enough to cry. My eyes are red and cant really cry anymore, but thats the only thing i can think of doing right now.

Sr Cela,

I am so sorry to hear about your momma having a stroke and passing away. I know nothing I can say will take away the pain and grief that you are going through, but I want you to know that we are here for you! We love you and care for you. So when you are ready and as you need, please feel free to reach out. I know in chat you mentioned that you know it’s weird to reach out to strangers, but I want you to know that IT IS NOT weird at all.
You should reach out when you are hurting. You don’t have to be alone in this pain and hurting. So when you are ready, we are here to offer you love and support.

I am so sorry about your mom.

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I am so sorry for your loss, Sr Cela. I cannot imagine the pain you must be going through right now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :pray:t2:

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I haven’t experienced a loss of someone so close to me before, but it’s okay to grieve. You can grieve in your own way and for as long as you deem necessary. It’s even okay to experience that grief again when you may have thought it was over.

I cant sleep at all, my home never felt this empty and cold, even though we are 25+ °C

So sorry for your loss.


I am so so sorry you have to experience this. I lost my mom very suddenly a couple of years ago. It felt like whiplash, or like time just stopped for a while. Things might be painful for a while, but we’re here to listen. Even if all you can manage is “this hurts.”

It’s ok for things to be confusing and painful and maybe even chaotic for you right now. That’s all totally normal. I hesitate to say things will be fine. Because, for me, fine would be bringing my mom back. But you can keep going. You can keep pushing on. But for a while, you can also be heartbroken.

I apologize if that isn’t helpful. Please feel free to contact me here if you ever want to chat. <3

I’m sorry about what happen to your mother. I’m not sure if everything gonna be OK, but all I know is one thing, if you giving up everything might be over, so please don’t give up.

Hey friend,

First off, im so very sorry for your loss. hugs I, myself, havent lost a parent so I can only begin to imagine what youre going through but I have lost someone close to me so I do understand grief. You are facing grief. That isn’t easy and you deserve to let yourself feel but remember there are people her behind you. This moment may suck but things will get better. Healing takes time.

I cant promise you that everything will be okay but I can promise you that you are loved here. Please dont give up fighting. You have the power to let this end you OR let this grow you.

Sending lots of love and support. You will get through this.

From my heart to yours, I am so sorry for your loss. Please don’t be afraid to post as often as you need to so you can get everything out that you need to while finding support during your grief.

I hear they say that an ending brings a new beginning- You don’t know what’s going to come next, and I know that’s scary, but what comes next might be the best thing that happens in your life. Take as much time as you need to grieve. Talk to your mother as often as you need, because I believe that our loved ones can hear us from the other side and she will listen to you… But take this all one day at a time… one moment at a time, and try to remind yourself, even in the complete dark, there is a light at the tunnel, if only you keep going.

Much love to you. :hearts:

hey i am so sorry for you loss. we love you . let us know if you need anything <3

Hi guys, just reporting how it went the most horrifying week of my life. Today I sought help from a counselor and I think she will help me a lot coping with the loss. Thank you all for the kind words and for not moking my English (just kidding) Im smiling a little bit but somehow it feels wrong. Again, thanks a lot.