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My Music projects never seem to work


For many years, I have been playing metal music and played acouple bands. The first band i was in, I felft like we were like brothers and problemly felft I belong somewhere socaily. Unfortunately, It was feaking becuase we never got songs done and never did shows. I literally fail a college class and scared my free time to be thier, for a project that never going anywhere. However, I did go do shows and an EP for a Metalcore Band for a year, However to be honestly they kinda stuck up and we were not really friends all, that see me as just bassiest and not a memeber. It made feel guiltiy, because the guy that was in first band, is still to this day, my best friend. But he is an control feak when it come to music and honestly it got to point I did not like jaming with him. Its hurt because I feel like betryed him and led him down. Sometime I think it my own karma. In addition he was very tech player and I was more simply. Also, he has dreams about the band big, honestly, I feel more do more passion than fame. Im in the band now, but feel that honeslty that not my closest friends just like hte other band. I do not mean to bast or talk crap, But I feel Do not belong in the scene. Alot band want be the next big thing or change genres. I just want to express myself and play muisc that I love. But it hard to find people to do that.


Hey, thanks for sharing. I relate to this a lot honestly, I was in a band with a guy who was (and still is) one of my best friends but playing music with him was just always very stressful for me so I left the band, luckily with our friendship still intact today. Trying keeping your band life and your personal life separate, look at the band as a business first and foremost and don’t let personal relationships get in the way. I love how much passion you have and have no doubt that you’ll do great things.
Stay true to yourself friend, good luck and hold fast.


Thanks man, however it still becuase see band like Parkway Drive, they like best traveling the world and I wish I could have that an band. However, bands like Van Halen and Gun n Rose that look like an nighamre to be in lol. Im starting to think that I need keeps friendship out of mostly band stuffs.