My neighbor is evil

My downstairs neighbor banged on the floor thinking it was us while the one making all the noise of was the neighbor next to me I’m tired of my downstairs neighbor who’s a lowlife and a burden to society to try to get us evicted when we didn’t do anything and I’m not going to let myself be bullied because of other’s stupidity


Hey Ranma,

Difficult to feel like you’re being blamed for something that wasn’t your fault. It’s frustrating when those things happen because it makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells. It gets this sense of paranoia, like someone’s watching you, and that is honestly annoying. Feels like you wish you could just live in peace and stop being blamed - especially when it’s not you. Can definitely relate to neighbor struggles.

I think the only thing that has helped me recently has been just being more sure of who I am. Reminding myself of my values and my choices and re-stating to myself that I am doing the best I can and that I am focusing on the things that I believe are priority. Feeling like I am choosing to live a value-based life helps me stave off the negativity that I can assume is coming my way.

But it’s also interesting because a lot of the times I don’t actually receive negativity, it’s just an “Assumed”, which is technically a “cognitive distortion” Because it’s not /actually/ happening. So sometimes I have to remind myself of that too.

Anyways, hope the issues resolve with them and that you come back to a sense of peace.



Hey @ranma1983,

It is truly exhausting and frustrating when you live next to someone who’s continuously arguing with you and make you feel unwelcomed at your own home. It sounds that this was a mistake on their end, although one that follows a continuous conflict with you with trying to make you get evicted. I can surely relate to the struggle pertaining to simply coexisting with neighbors. Any sound too loud can create this cascade of reactions and frustration over time.

It is completely understandable to feel frustrated and upset in this situation, as well as to think about steps to take in order to find some closure and/or reconciliation. I hope that things will be more peaceful for you in times to come and that you’ll have the possibility to rest without being stressed out by your neighbours reactions.

Wishing you well. :hrtlegolove:


Hey Ranma1983,

I definitely understand neighbor struggles. They are so frustrating to deal with.

It feels like you’re kind of trapped because they live next to or below you and sometimes moving just isn’t an option. Even when it is an option, you shouldn’t have to do that just to live comfortably and in peace right?

Sometimes a conversation with them can solve things if that is a safe thing to do, sometimes it doesn’t unfortunately. In an apartment talking to management can be good and they can be a mediator sometimes or more importantly telling management of the situation can just be for your peace of mind. Telling them you are absolutely not doing anything wrong and having that conversation can help ease your worries of your neighbor trying to get you in trouble.

Sometimes it’s an unwinnable situation and ends up being a situation we just have to live with. In the latter reminding yourself of what your values are and that you ARE a good person is so helpful. The neighbors I personally have had trouble with actually still live next to us and realizing that I know I’m in the right in a situation has been really helpful for me to start ignoring them more.

Venting here and to friends is helpful too. I vent to my friends and family all the time when my neighbor does something and we usually end up laughing at the situation by the end of it.

Hope this finds a peaceful resolution soon for you.


make sure you are recording them when they do things like that, and report your landlord to the city if he doesn’t do anything about them, if that doesn’t work call the police, and set up cameras.

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