My Now Life (Thanks to you all)

I wrote on the wall not that very long ago about not being able to control negative feelings and that is still a work in progress but I am getting there.
Even as little as 6 months ago if someone would have said I would have been writing this I would have thought they were crazy. I have never liked “people” they use, hurt, bully and reject you. So my life was me my Mum and my animals (animals never hurt you).

Then one day I found heartsupport… I found some human beings that heard what I said even though it sounded so silly to me, they didn’t judge and were so kind, since then I have taken the opportunity to learn more from them, to watch streams, videos and read to practice suggestions on grace and gratitude, to try to remember that there is normally a positive to be found in most situations if only you look. To breath when anxiety strikes and to refocus to calm yourself down in a difficult situation.
I have even managed to talk about my struggle with empathy recently (that doesn’t sound like a struggle} but it can be sometimes and one that people find strange.
Now every day along with keeping my list of what im grateful for I want to do something at least one thing for one person that makes them feel the way I felt when I realised what this group was all about.
I know that there are always going to be bad days but I also know that I now have friends that I can turn to on those days. opening up was always alien to me, now its so much easier.

Thank you so much everyone here, I cannot put it any clearer than that. You all mean the world to me.


This is such a warm, wonderful, inspiring post! It validates and encourages our efforts. We may have supported it, but you are the instrument of your own healing. As a result, you are one to be deeply appreciated.

Thanks for bringing out the best in us!


I am so grateful that you are here and part of this community, @Lisalovesfeathers.

Thank you for this heartwarming post.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for the love and care you show to others, and have shown to me personally.
Thank you for being you.

I’m looking forward to keep doing life by your side, to get to know you better, and to keep encouraging others with you and so many. :hrtlegolove:


lisaaa <3

i am SO proud of you and your growth. thank you for being in this community, in SWAT3, and even for being in my own life. i appreciate you sharing your story and validating how much of an impact HS makes because gosh, this forum and everything HS offers truly changes lives for the better. and most importantly, thank you for making this world a better, brighter place.

love you mucho,


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