My ocd is debilitating

i don’t know if i can do this anymore. my ocd is just getting worse and worse. i’m back to every single touch being calculated and i’m washing my hands an obnoxious amount, it literally hurts my hands. right now i’m extremely stressed because my sister touched my blankets and put them in the dryer. i tried to brush it off as “it’s okay the heat will kill the germs” but i took out the blankets and they were still damp. i feel like my entire body is contaminated and every single touch i make, my hands feel physically disgusting. i’m so tired, i spent the entire day cleaning and doing all of these things, but now i’m stuck with disgusting hands and arms. i touched things after i touched the blankets, so i can’t go around cleaning everything again. i’m physically and mentally exhausted. it’s even more concerning because i don’t think they wash their hands properly and are dealing with literal dirty diapers and stuff. it’s just so gross. i don’t know what to do. i’m so tired of this.

thank you so so much for responding. it feels good to know that other people have felt the same as me. i will try to remind myself that my ocd is not actually correct, i know feeding into it is bad, but sometimes i can’t help it. i will also remember to moisturize my hands, i have been trying my hardest with that and i wear gloves mostly. i’m sorry that you have gone through something like this though, but once again, thank you for responding.