My pain first pain stems from childhood abuse bein

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My pain first pain stems from childhood abuse. Being belittled by my father while he spanked me for whatever I was in trouble for at the time. I was home schooled and was always around my parents. Watching them fight each other was awful. Later in life my pain came from seizures and a dysplasia in my brain for over 12 years. It took such a long time for me to discover the solution to my problem. I had seizures all the time. Multiple seizures occurred while driving. Horrifying, to say the least. I crashed my mom’s car more than once. I eventually had my skull drilled into and then opened for a lobectomy. I have permanent brain trauma. I have cells in my brain that will never come back and it haunts me thinking it might affect my every move and thought these days. Slipknot’s songs have a clear tone of clarity in the lyrics. It’s been therapeutic to me since they came out.


hey friend, i appreciate your vulnerability and sharing your life with us here. life has not been easy on you from your childhood to the seizures and brain dysplasia. the anxiety that now comes with the brain trauma is a frustrating lingering effect even after finding a solution to it all. i’m so happy slipknot could provide some relief to your heart and mind. music and its lyrics are such powerful things that can speak directly to our souls and journeys. as you continue on in your own journey to find a balance and peace with all you’ve conquered and survived, please know you aren’t alone and that this heartsupport community believes in you. i hope the mental and physical pain lessens as time goes on, my friend, and that many good things arrive on your horizon soon.


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Hi there,

thank you for coming here to tell your story. I am so sorry that you had to endure so much throughout your life, in the form of abuse and medical conditions. I want to let you know that you did not deserve to go through everything that you have gone through. Belittlment from parents always hurts the most, it is something that I struggle with when my family and I are in high cases of stress. I deserve an amazing support system, and I hope that you have one who is here for you in your dark times. HeartSupport is always here when you need it.
I also am so proud of you for overcoming all of your health obstacles. I work with a lot of people who have suffered from seizures and alterations in the brain and it is a huge struggle. It seems like you have gone through so much with it and I am so proud of you for persevering through it and staying alive through it, especially in near-death situations. I am happy that music has gotten you through this journey in life and I hope that in your journey, you will find more music and people along the way that believe in you. I know for sure I do believe in you.

With love,


First things first, no child deserves to be abused by their parents. It doesn’t matter what the form of abuse that takes place, its not ok. You didn’t do anything to warrant being forces to deal with that trauma. I want you to know that nothing your parents did can be placed on you for responsibility. You are an incredible person that has accomplished so many things despite all the obstacles that you’ve dealt with and you are still thriving. I can understand your fear of losing who you are due to your brain injuries and seizures. Those fears are real and they are valid, but nothing can change the fact that you are a fighter. There’s no doubt that you’ve had doctors tell you that you are limited because of what you’ve gone through, but you have not only accepted that challenge, you’ve refused to allow them to keep you from being the amazing person you are. Take time to acknowledge all the battles you’ve won. And when those fears try to discourage you, remind yourself of all that you have done despite all that you’ve been through. You’ve got this!

I’m cheering for you!