My parents are fighting and I hate myself

I was talked at by my dad for 45 minutes about how I could have saved money if I just let him change my tire; I took initiative to just get it done today. He said good job but when he talks about what could have been done better he doesn’t stop.

I feel like everyone. Freaking. Hates me.

I know that’s impossible. But I still feel like everyone hates me. Which makes no logical sense.

I’ve learned some things that are hard to let go. I’m still pissed about it.

I hate that I let this person into my life even one little freaking bit. They are just freaking manipulative.

My parents are fighting. Of course.

My mom got snappy. She has been all day, she pissed me off on the phone because she was snapping at me.

I’ve worked my rear end off all week and I finally got a day off today. And I’d rather be at work. I’d rather work everyday all day open to close than be in this freaking house.

Yeah I wish I could just move across the country. I wish a lot.

I’m miserable. I’m depressed. I hate myself.

I don’t know why I reach out. It’s not anyone’s fault it just doesn’t help.

I’m not freaking worth it.

Sometimes home just feels like a never ending hurricane of negativity and emotions. That’s what it was for me as well. That’s awesome to hear that you’re working so hard, I’m really proud of you for that. If you’re working towards moving out, keep doing that; your relationship with your parents will get better after that.

You are 100% completely and totally worth it friend.

Please hang in there. You are loved.