My parents are jerks

My dad literally said to me " I would rather be in the police then with you" he also threatened to punch me and locked me outside for 20-40ish minutes he did this right after being a jerk yesterday but I geuss I’ll just live with it


I hear you but I don’t know what to do…

I’m sorry to hear that @Jay, is there any way you can talk to him about how that makes you feel?

It dose t matter its been happening basically my whole life he won’t listen

There’s always time for change my friend, you don’t have to live like this, reach out to someone who can help you. If you can’t have a conversation with your dad I’d recommend seeking out a family counselor or therapist, I think it could be really helpful. Don’t be discouraged because things are bad right now, change can always come.

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My dad refuses to do family fherapy and he dose this thing where he’s super happy then he get really just abusive

I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know if you’re still in school or anything like that but if you are, maybe you should talk to a teacher or school counselor about this, and they can help you out.

… That might be abuse, either way, it’s horrible for your dad to say that!

Are you still a minor, because if so it might help to tell all of this to someone at school. If you’re not, I would gtfo from that toxic relationship, as clearly it is not helpful for any party.

Hi @Jay,

You are experiencing an abusive situation. I want to encourage you along with the others here that you are not alone in what is happening to you.

Jay I want you to please follow the instructions in my email and connect with professional help so that we can help get you out of the situation you are currently in. If you need help doing so please write back here on in the email I send you.

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