My parents are trying stop me from moving out

I’m supposed to move out next Thursday. My parent want me to wait a couple days, they are trying stop me from moving out. My mom did this shot on purpose, so I would second guess myself. I literally had bad back, but she would not let me have the bed be delivered to address, cause she would cause too much money.

She did because she knew it would be harder to move out, my mom and dad want to build the bed. But they both going to scream at each other at my new place. They would try to get me kick out, just so I stay a fucking virgin for life those asshole. They mental abusive.


That’s tough. You’re a grown man with a steady job, you can move out. I think it’s less about their confidence in you and more that they’re gotten so used to “taking care” of you that they don’t want to let that go.

Yes I think it’s toxic. No one wants to get crossways with their parents, but you need to put your foot down and go. You see it, you said it yourself: they’re trying to make it harder for you to move out. Waiting 2 days can turn into waiting a week, a month…

I don’t want to poison you against your parents. From everything you have said, they love you a lot and want the best for you. Sometimes, what someone thinks is best isn’t the best. I don’t think they’re trying to control you, I just think they don’t want you to get in over your head; but again like you said, if you keep living at home, all you’ll be is the 30-something who lives at home. If the wheels completely fall off, I bet you could move back in with them; but if you have a chance to live alone, I think it would do a lot for your self-esteem.

At the same time, you kinda need their help to get moved and settled in. I don’t know what the right answer is, family dynamics are always tough. Keep us updated though. I’m pulling for you :hrtlovefist:

Hey Metal, this sounds like a very stressful situation, and I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with it. Moving to a new place is already a big change in itself that brings its share of stress, so having to deal with family drama on top of it plenty sucks. On the positive side, it sounds like you’re almost there and about to have your own space - what a MAJOR change and something that may bring a lot of peace into your life, given the actual context with your parents. On another hand, I would imagine that right now this just feels like having to endure and suck it all until you’re finally in your new place. That’s tough, and I hope you make sure to take some breaks in the middle of this, to just be on your own, breathe and ground yourself. Being in the middle of tensions can be exhausting emotionally and you surely deserve to protect your peace.

I don’t know what the future holds with your parents, but I really want to congratulate you for this next step that you’ve been initiating. When we live in our own place, it generally becomes progressively easier to eventually make our own space respected by our family, even when they tend to be controlling or intrusive. All of this surely reactivates a lot of stress, and I truly hope that you can focus on you, and on how strong you are - despite your parents arguments or tensions. Super proud of you friend.

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