My parents divorce

i think i’m at my breaking point here. my parents are geting a divorce and i’m wanting to punch a hole in my wall. i feel like i cant be myself around them anymore and my parents are transphobic so i cant come out as nonbinary. honestly i just want to run away and never look back but im to scared to. any help?


Don’t run away. Be honest with them. Tell them that you need them during this time of your life to support you at least emotionally. Even if they are going through a divorce tell them you need them think about you more so then themselves. As the child you need their love and compassion. Ask for help to possibly get therapy if you can while going through this heart ache. Prayers for peace in you and your parents are with you.


Hi @komoto
Thank you for posting its good to meet you, I agree totally with what @Metaldad says, yes your parents are going through some difficulties and that I am sorry for , its always sad to see the end of a relationship however the relationship that you have with them as their child should not change, they should keep their troubles separate from you. So yes you most certainly can still share anything with them that you would have done under “normal” circumstances.
Whether they are together or not and I do know how very hard it is to watch your parents part, they are still your parents and are there for you to love,support and guide you until you get to a place in life when you feel you can do that for yourself.
I also reiterate what metaldad says regarding the idea of therapy, family break ups take its toll and to be able to talk to someone and not hold it all in is very helpful.
Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to feel those emotions as that’s normal but don’t let them overwhelm you, continue to ask for help.
I hope it all goes well, if there is anything else you want to talk about please post again.
Much love
Lisa :heart:
P.s one thing I have learned in life is you can never run away from your problems, they always go with you, so getting help and dealing with them is better, you are doing the right thing. xx


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