My Parents Want Me Gone

When my parents tell me to just go wrap a belt around my neck again… when they call me an ungrateful bitch yet I paid the rent and all the other bills this month. I took them out to dinner. Sure I can’t afford it but anything to maybe stop the abuse for just one more minute.

They constantly yell at me and tell me they wish I was more like my sister. But I don’t want to be like her. I want to be me. She hasn’t endured the same shit I have. But my parents don’t know. My parents don’t know half the shit that’s went on in my life. They don’t understand that I’m always on my computer because it’s the only place I can mentally get away from their abuse. They don’t realize that I’ve created a safe place online for myself.

Everyone always says, don’t kill yourself what about your parents… well mine would be glad.

Hey Monkey, im so sorry you’re in this shitty situation! Do you have any close friends you can stay with if you need to leave home for a while?