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My Physical Appearance

So I try not to let my appearance and weight get to me and I try to make a change, but nothing is working and it’s becoming discouraging. I’m getting ready to turn thirty and I still have acne, my hair is a mess all the time, and I would actually love to be able to perfect makeup. But I am a mom of three who works all the time. So on a day to day basis, I look like a bum. I try getting my hair done, but as soon as it gets itchy, I mess it up or take it down. I have plenty of makeup, no time to make it look decent. And as far as my weight go. I want to lose weight, but I am steady gaining. It’s hard to lose weight when you had two c-sections and on so many medications. I tried changing my diet and then there’s the plain old fact that I barely eat anyways.

I know if I could put more effort into these things I would feel better, but I’m always exhausted, always parenting or working, and my attention span and mood swings don’t help. I called my sister (fellow mother as well) and told her, I just want to be able to look pretty. As I was getting the words out I teared up, because this feeling it’s working its way through me more and more. I just don’t feel right about it. I know I should be accepting of myself but I can’t right now.


Don’t be hard yourself when you feel better you’ll pick your yourself up. I was in a similar situation 3 years ago until I finally woke and took the initiative to make a change and its the best thing I ever did for myself.

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Hey Queen,

Sometimes we have so many things going on in life that demand our attention that we can’t always feel like our best selves. I am experiencing that as well. Just know this is not the end and you will get through this. We love you here at HeartSupport and believe in you. Maybe the best thing you can do right now is tell yourself that while you can’t be your best self right now, you can be down the road and then just take solace in the fact that you will when life changes.
Stay strong!!

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