My poor fish TT

I know my fish is dying. He is loosing color and is sick. My mom got mad at me when I was going to put him down, and ultimately said it is up to me. My aunt said she’d “leave it in God’s hands,” and when I asked my brother, he said he would just leave him be to enjoy his last few days. Even though he is dying and in pain… And the other day my brother was offering to put him down for me o.o

I’m not sure what to do. I know how to put him down humanely, and why would I know that if it wasn’t an okay idea (going off the whole it’s in God’s hands… I wouldn’t know if he wouldn’t want me to, right?).

I just feel so guilty. I can’t do anything to make him feel better. He refused to eat today, is hardly moving, and is losing color and… I feel bad.

edit: my mom thinks I will regret putting him down. I mean, I’d have to do it myself, but… if you ever put down a pet, why did you? what was the final straw, so to speak?


First off, I am so sorry you have to endure this kind of pain.

And to answer your question, we put our dog down a few years ago and our cat when I was young. Our dog was pretty old already and had some heart problems as well. Everything was fine until one evening, where his legs gave in and he was practically already dying. My parents rushed to the vet and they put him down. In the end, it was the best we could do. For both him and us.

Putting down a pet is always hard, but, in my opinion, a good decision when the pet is already suffering or in the progress of dying. I’d say it puts you at ease, to know they are not suffering anymore and you won’t have the fear of finding them dead one day.

I wish you the best.


First off I am so sorry this is going on. I have lost countless pets and it is never easy. Seeing that the animal is in pain is the hardest. Animals are as much important to me as another human. I love them very much and I have myself an older dog. He is suspected to be about 7 or so almost 8. But for me if I saw my pet suffering to the point of not eating I would get worried too. I feel you have every right to struggle with that choice of what to do. I think it comes down to what you feel is best for your fish. In the end of the run maybe yes he could live out the rest of his days happy but also how much difference is that few days. No matter what you decide just know that you are doing what is best for the fish. I also hope you know to take time for you and to love yourself the loss of any pet can be traumatic. With my older dog I feared he was going to need to go to a new home because he is struggling with jealous of my 8 month old dog and just that fear alone of having to find him a new home really hurt me. I cant think about the loss of an animal but ya it is apart of life but still we need to remember to take care of us.

Hold fast we are here


Hey! I am super sorry about your fish. My dog actually passed away today. He was already gone when we got to the vet before we had the chance to have him put to sleep. I really am feeling your pain. Putting your fish to sleep is not painful and the little guy probably knows at heart you are doing it in their best interest. Dont think of it as you are going an extra step to kill your fish. You are helping it so its no longer in pain. If you know its sick and know it will die in the near future anyway you should go on and let your little friend go peacefully. You dont want its last moments to be bad. Stay strong! I am giving a virtual hug : )


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