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My progress

I wanted to thank the community for all of your support! You’ve all been so amazing and you are loved. I wanted to share my progress as my dad passed away in November from covid. There was some days where i wouldn’t get out of bed but i’ve started to get up earlier, i speak to my mum everyday and i started doing some art work again so i hope you don’t mind me sharing. It’s been so long since i enjoyed drawing and felt motivated to draw.

Also the person i live with has covid so we are stuff in the house :frowning:

Also shout out to @kitboga for keeping me entertained with your video’s, you are my favorite stream to watch!


whoa such talent!!
Love the colours and how vibrant and energetic it is!! Also Stitttch :smiley:

Very cute stuff, love Batman!

thank you so much for sharing these here with us! This is adorable!

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Your art is wonderfully creative! I can see you writing a children’s book, or being an illustrator for someone else’s writing.

I’m sorry that you lost your dad.

Thank you! I found some old drawings I wanted to draw digitally :blush:

I think I had a sign in the form a batman so I thought it would be nice for drawings for my dad :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m glad you liked them!

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@Wings Thank you! I flick between drawing photos to making weird drawings :sweat_smile: i have written 2 little book it’s story adventures of my baby yoda which was fun

Thank you :heart:

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I am OBSESSED with this witchy-butterfly-space-frog. Oh my gosh. So adorable and creative at the same time. LOVE it! :hrttaylove:

Ever since I have been at HeartSupport, I have also found a creative spark again, especially for drawing. I always thought I couldn’t do anything, that “talent” belonged to others. What a pleasure to try and to just embrace the moment.

Thank you so much for sharing such a heartfelt message and your art. I am currently sitting right next to you on the “I’m stuck at home with someone who has covid” bus. It sucks and is quite stressful, but we will make it through. It actually gives a lot of time to draw even more. :wink:

Take care. :hrtlegolove:

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@Micro Thank you! :heart_eyes: the frog I was drawing i just thought I could make it cuter and I was actually reay happy with it. I managed to test out of the record timelapse element and I’m obsessed with it :pleading_face:

Yay that’s really good to hear! Sometimes you really surprise yourself which is wonderful.

Thank you for taking the time to look at it I really appreciate it, it’s weird at the same time I never really left the house other than to look around shops. I’m not very social and I never spend time with friends. This is probably been the most open I’ve been about how I feel as well.

I got a gaming pc but I havent used it as I got hooked on drawing again :sweat_smile:

I hope you and the person you live is okay and I’m here if you ever need anything! :heart::heart:


You’re very talented I’m glad to see your doing better my friend

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@ranma1983 Thank you I’m getting there slowly :blush:

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