My Relationship with Hope

Hey there, friends. I just wanted to share a thought or two I’ve had over the past few days.

Hope is something I hold very close to my heart, a lot of people in my life have commented on how much of it I have, and how I’m always optimistic and looking forward to the future. Some people have even asked me how I have so much hope all of the time, and I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Why do I have so much hope?

After thinking about it, I realized that it’s because I’ve been through so much pain and darkness in my life that I’ve found at least one thing to hold onto through the good and bad, and that’s hope as well as faith that everything will work out how it should be. Hope will never leave me because it’s not tangible, no one can reach it and take it away, it’s permanent in my heart.

I know it’s not always easy to hold onto hope or faith while going through hard times but it’s important to remember that hope is always there, even if you can’t feel it. I believe that hope is given to us as a gift to pull us through the hard times. The beautiful thing about hope is that you don’t need to be religious, of a certain faith, or believe in anything at all to have it. Hope doesn’t care who you are, what you think, or how you feel, it’s inside all of us even if it feels unreachable.

The most important thing to do is believe in yourself if you have nothing else to believe in. I know how hard it can be to see the light but it’s always there. The dark wouldn’t exist if the light didn’t. No matter what you’re going through and how world-ending it might feel, all I ask is that you find something to hold on to, even the smallest thing, because it does get better in time.

Never forget that you’re loved and you matter. Never forget that hope is always there, even in the darkest of places, you just have to find it.

You all mean the absolute world to me, I love you. :heart:


so lovely, so happy you have that little spark to hold on to!

You are loved
You matter :slight_smile:

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Dearest @ofmiceandben,

I love how you’ve described Hope in general and from your personal experience too. It’s really beautiful. And you are right: Hope is not something that cares about who we are. It’s something we can all experience and hold on to, even when we don’t truly believe in it or realize it’s there. It’s not a delusion but something that we can feel like a strong, intuitive call that nothing can shake, even during some very dark times.

I remember the few times in my life when I felt like losing hope, because generally it’s always there. It’s not full of buterflies and happy thoughts as people often imagine. At least to me, it’s more a kind of neutral feeling. A deep conviction. So even at times when I tried to die, I knew things could be better if I kept trying. I was just too crushed under the weight of shame, loneliness, exhaustion and fears. I knew the fight was still worth it, but I convinced myself that I didn’t want to try anymore, that I didn’t want to wait anymore. Yet Hope was still there somehow, which was heartbreaking to me.

Hope is something you have also learned to build and reinforce through the years. When you had to face adversity, you’ve chosen over and over to hold on to life, to your future, to the possibility that things could get better - and you were right. Hope gets stronger each time we choose life, love and care.

You are a strong and resilient person. I’m grateful for your presence and your words. There’s a lot of beauty and peaceful strength in it.

You’re loved. :hrtlegolove:


Thank you so much @Micro. I hope that if ever you feel hopeless again, you can find these words inside of you and keep holding onto hope even stronger than before. I love you, friend. :heart:

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