My road to hell

So I’ve been with the same girl for the past 8 years. Through our relationship I made a few mistakes by talking to other woman. I didn’t take it further then talking but still was talking. Very recently back in Sept her brothers wife took her own life. She was on life support for almost 5 days. After all was “done” he had asked both of us to move in with him. He lives 2 hrs from where we did & I just wasn’t ready to make the move. I have so much debt & so many bills to pay that I just wasn’t ready. So she ended up moving in with him. Then I almost lost our appt & I’m still on thin ice with it cuz I’m behind in rent. We were doing the long distance relationship thing but it was so hard. After living & being with someone for 8 years then being in a long distance with that same person is fucking hard. Anyways over the time she has been there I have done notbing but be there for her as much as I can. See her as much as I can. But apparently it wasn’t enough & she is dwelling on past mistakes of mine but you’re supposed to move on & forgive right…!? Well she broke it off with me but is still talking to me. I’m just so fucking broken. I’m so long. So hurt so sad, so stressed… She was supposed to be the 1. My swan, my everything, my wife, my rock, my support & now she’s just gone. I feel so abandoned & insignificant. I have a bunch of health issues coming out, probably from the stress & I just have no one. I need her. I need her to be there for me but she is not… I don’t know what to do or how to move foward. Please help…

Thanks for sharing and I’m really sorry your going through this. I wish I had great advice but I don’t, all I can say is we’re here for you. Maybe with everything that’s gone in recently she’s not herself and realize that. With 8 years together maybe you can still be there for her in this difficult time even if it’s gotten complicated.

Hi @ThaT1GuY,

Thank you for being here.

I am deeply sorry for this breakup. You both seem to have a lot of different things to manage at the same time and circumstances aren’t helpful for the moment, for both of you. Sometimes we make decisions we don’t really want to take, only because we can’t think clearly. And I guess the recent events are deeply emotional for her right now. These moments are like huge storms but maybe you’ll both find some peace afterwards.

There are circumstances that can’t be controlled, but two persons can always try to be there for each other, despite everything. I can’t help but thinking that the fact she’s still talking to you is not meaningless.

You’ve been pushed in a very very ungrateful role for the moment because you also need her. Take care of yourself, as much as you need, as much as you can.

I sincerely hope time will help, for both of you.

I’m perfectly aware these words won’t be a great comfort for you and I am sorry for that. But know that you can vent here as much as you need, anytime. You are not alone.

Take care. :two_hearts: