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My Safety Plan incase of any emergency

HeartSupport Safety Plan

This is my 7-step plan to keep me safe in difficult moments I face. I’ve thought through these steps in advance to make it easier for myself to get help when I need it.

STEP 1 - Warning Signs

Signs that a crisis may be developing (thoughts, images, mood, situation, behavior).

  • Sign 1 - isolating myself
  • Sign 2 - hostility / uncontrollable anger
  • Sign 3 - selfharm / OD

STEP 2 - Internal Coping Strategies

Things I can do to take my mind off problems without contacting another person (relaxation technique, physical activity, etc.)

  • Strategy 1 - Listen to music
  • Strategy 2 - watch a movie
  • Strategy 3 - Clean or Do yoga

STEP 3 - Worth Living For

Things that are most important to me and worth living for (these can be big or small, anything from loved ones to your morning coffee)

  • Live For 1 - My Siblings
  • Live For 2 - My Therapist
  • Live For 3 - Starbucks Green Tea
  • Live For 4 - A dog
  • Live For 5 - my mom

STEP 4 - Supporters

People whom I can ASK FOR HELP (friends or family who you can call at anytime for support)

  • Supporter 1 - My Brother
  • Supporter 2 - A Friend
  • Supporter 3 - Grandma

STEP 5 - Professional Help

Professionals or agencies I can contact in a crisis

  • Name & Number of Clinician -
  • Name & Number of Local Urgent Care Services -
  • Preferred Crisis Service (Choose one of the below)
    • (Text) Crisis Textline - text HOME to 741741
    • (Call) Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • (Text) Trevor Project LGBTQ+ - text START to 678678
    • Other (explain)

STEP 6 - Safe Environment

Things I can do to make the environment safe

  • Safety 1 - Put knives in storage containers & put them out of my reach.
  • Safety 2 - put razors in storage containers & out of reach

STEP 7 - My Signature

By inputting my forum username below, I am committing to utilizing this safety plan in my next high intensity moment when I need support.

@YourUsername Summer


Well done @Summer. Really powerful step right there. It can be hard to actually spend time to reflect on ways to say no to this part of our mind that wants to put us down. But you’ve done something really good for yourself right here.



Why, Thank U that means a lot to me.


You’re loved by all of us here, and you have our entire support as well. Always! :hrtlegolove:


Thank U, I really Appreciate it.


Big step Summer! I’m insanely proud of you for making a safety plan. Good job man!