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My Safety Plan, such as it is

HeartSupport Safety Plan

This is my 7-step plan to keep me safe in difficult moments I face. I’ve thought through these steps in advance to make it easier for myself to get help when I need it.

STEP 1 - Warning Signs

Signs that a crisis may be developing (thoughts, images, mood, situation, behavior).

  • Sign 1 - confusion and irritability
  • Sign 2 - lethargy and apathy
  • Sign 3 - fixating on past hurts

STEP 2 - Internal Coping Strategies

Things I can do to take my mind off problems without contacting another person (relaxation technique, physical activity, etc.)

  • Strategy 1 - sleep
  • Strategy 2 - watch a standup or sitcom
  • Strategy 3 - listen to classic rock

STEP 3 - Worth Living For

Things that are most important to me and worth living for (these can be big or small, anything from loved ones to your morning coffee)

  • Live For 1 - my wife
  • Live For 2 - dog snuggles
  • Live For 3 - a wildly unbound future
  • Live For 4 - Heart Support community
  • Live For 5 - making a difference through my career

STEP 4 - Supporters

People whom I can ASK FOR HELP (friends or family who you can call at anytime for support)

  • Supporter 1 - Lizz
  • Supporter 2 - Levi
  • Supporter 3 - Heather

STEP 5 - Professional Help

Professionals or agencies I can contact in a crisis

  • Name & Number of Clinician - Dr. Dalal +1 214 668 6037
  • Name & Number of Local Urgent Care
    Services - ER Near Me Addison +1 469 256 7515
    • (Call) Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

STEP 6 - Safe Environment

Things I can do to make the environment safe

  • Safety 1 - keep alcohol relatively inaccessible
  • Safety 2 - keep drugs out of the house

STEP 7 - My Signature

By inputting my forum username below, I am committing to utilizing this safety plan in my next high intensity moment when I need support.




Glad you have this plan in place!

Love you much.

<3 Zephirah / Andrea Jean


Dearest @SheetMetalHead,

I’m so glad you made this Safety Plan. It’s beautiful to see this movement on the Wall recently. So much goodness happening right here.

I wanted to add a reminder of love in case you find yourself in a time of distress or doubts.

It’s a blessing to know you and I’m damn proud that you are part of my life. It amazes me to see how much time it took for us to actually start to talk together, haha. Guess that’s the introvert style right there. But still, there’s always been this support from you that I’m beyond grateful for. You’ve continuously challenged my way to think when my mind happened to be an unfriendly place to me. I’m grateful for you. You are a loving, caring, intelligent, thoughtful and generous person. You have a way to understand others that is fairly intuitive and don’t require to communicate extensively, which is in my eyes a precious gift that not everyone holds. You’ve helped me to really grow during the last year and it’s an honor to contribute to this community while being by your side.

You better take care of yourself and reach out when you’re going through a rough time. I’m not going to give up on the idea of giving you a giant hug one day. :slight_smile: :hrtlegolove:

Here for you as well. Anytime. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your own growth, of sharing more love with people as a team, and having more conversations about everything with you.