My second chance

Two years ago I almost died.

Two years ago I was in a foreign city, ready to die. I’ve been suicidal for years before that, and I attempted suicide too many times I can remember, but that day was different.
I’m going to spare you the details, but that day I was going to die for real.

Long story short, I was sitting in a hotel lobby, and this man walked up to me, not believing me that I’m fine.
He and his friends talked to me for a bit, and it saved my life.

If it wasn’t for these men talking to me, I would not be sitting here today.

That day was the first step into the direction of becoming the person I am today and the person i want to be.

So this is a thank you to all the people out there who see strangers struggling and who take action and talk to them.
Everyone who ever walked up to someone asking them if they are okay and stayed even if they said they were fine.
Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to be there for a friend or someone who just needed someone to be with them.

I’m thankful that these four men took the time that they didn’t have to grab me by the hand and talk to me. I’m so grateful that they didn’t believe my “I’m okay” when I obviously needed help.

Please, don’t look away when someone is struggling. You never know what’s going on inside of them or what they are planning to do…


Man, this is super powerful. Thank you for that encouragement.

What have you noticed about these past two years since then? How have you started to become the person you want to be? And what are your hopes for…the next two years?

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Hi @NateTriesAgain
Thank you for your response.
I have noticed in the last two years that life can actually be worth living. I used to be this super depressed suicidal addict, but now I can have fun and truly laugh.

A few months after that day I moved for 6 months to work on all the trauma I’ve been through and make sure my soul gets healing and learns how to love and be loved. And I learned more strategies for when I’m tempted to go back.

I want to grow even more in all of these areas. I’ve realized it’s easy to have a ton of “no’s” but that doesn’t matter if you don’t have a “yes” to focus on.
If you only look at the things you are saying no to, it’s all you’re honking about. You need a strong yes in your life that you can focus on (any goal or whatever) and then everything else starts to vanish.
I’m not saying that it’s easy, but it’s easier.

In two years I hope I can be healthy and an encouragement for others who are struggling. And I hope I don’t ever go back to the place I have been at.



This is suuuuuuper epic…I love that you took time for your soul and are seeing the benefits, that you have a greater vision for your life than just being sober/clean, and that you feel more grounded and hopeful and alive than before…such an exciting point of your life to reflect and be grateful for the gift these past two years have been to you.

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Thank you for sharing this!

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