My self and my anxeitys

I realised i was trans when I was 13 came out to my mom who took it very very poorly and well im now at a point where I’m moving on to transitioning and im scared to come out to my brother and live as the woman I am im scared of how people at work will react im scared of how medication might make me feel im scared of how the states is slowly turning in into a anti trans hellscape and that ill have to flee my friends and family I don’t wanna be another statistic im already one too many of those


I’m non-binary and I don’t exactly know how ur feeling, but I’m just going to tell you. Don’t compare urself to others, you gotta appreciate urself if other think bad about or beat you up think that is just a test the universe launched to to you, I’m 11 y/o good luck.

Hi friend, thank you so much for posting and welcome to our community! It takes so much courage to share your experience especially for the first time so thank you so much for being brave and doing so. I truly believe you will find so much love her.

I can’t even imagine how painful it must have been to come out to your mom, someone who is supposed to love and support you through anything, and be met with judgement and hate. I imagine it makes coming out to anyone else feel 10x more fear inducing. My encouragement is you don’t have to go through this alone. This community is here for you and The Trevor Project is another great resource as well. There are a lot of questions and I encourage you to take them one at a time and to lean on people who you trust as you do.

There is hope in this. Who you are is beautiful and wonderful and you deserve to feel seen, heard, loved and accepted.

Sending love!


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From: Ash (Discord)

I am so sorry you are struggling with this idea that you will not be enough because you want to be a women rather than what you were born as. I have had so many of these fears. In my own life I have struggled so much to accept myself and then had others hurt me or reject me for being and choosing to be me. I am so sorry that is a struggle for you. Do not stop do not let the fact others are not loving you the way they should stop you from being the person you are now. You are growing to be who you see yourself as. I want you to know that many will be around you. If you need to find that community come join the discord there are a few of us here that all have stuff in common to what you shared. Personally I would love to support you how I can. You belong as you are. Sometimes we need to remember that family does not equal blood relation but more people who we love and see as family. One of my own family members who is my sister not by blood is someone that I have just become to trust a lot.


Hi @Derpplup ,

The HeartSupport Houston Team responded to your post here. We’re with you friend!


Hey just saw the video and thanks for what you two said it meant alot hopefully one day after everything’s opened back up I can both buy you two your respective drinks of choice and we can chat it would be nice to meet another trans person in person hope your weeks have gone well <3


That’s a deal Derpplup - not sure if you’re around Houston but we’ll be here!

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