My sexuality

So, its me again. I fell pretty uncomfortable on this website, because im new here, but i think i can handle this.
Back to the title, im lesbian. My parents dont mind, they are very open people and my friends dont mind too, better, they are supporting me very much, even one of my friends is homosexual too. But i have a one little, big problem. I have a crush on one of my closet friend. I thank that was just temporary „love” but now, i know, its something bigger than this and i really hate this. She has a boyfriend, and she never seriously talked about her orientation, but i think she’s mostly straight. And there’s a problem, because i know that i don’t have any chances and i need to reconcile with this that i won’t never be with her… but… it’s just hurts so much…


Hi. I’m Megan, and I’m pretty new here too.
Catching feelings for a straight girl sucks. Especially when they’re a friend who you see a lot. To get over unrequited crushes, I ask myself, *Can I really picture myself being with this person? Would it truly make me happy? *
Except here, it sounds like you really, really like this girl.
And the thing is, there really isn’t a way to just easily get over love. You can either act on your feelings, or distract yourself. The first option is risky, and the second one takes time. Just remember that while love is one of life’s most amazing experiences, it, again, takes time.
Wish you luck, man.



If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay. It’s not easy to share your struggles with someone you don’t know. Everyone here are doing their best to care and create a judge free environment. You will feel comfortable. About your friend, there is a chance you won’t have feelings for her later on. It is not a bad thing. Feelings come and go. What it is permanent is love. Love is the best thing we can to do. Regardless of anyone’s sexual orientation. You can still love your friend. Be patient, give yourself grace, and remember that you are loved. God bless you.

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