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My Son’s Death Haunts Me=


hello my friend, i feel so sorry to hear that, for the loss of your son. my toughts are with you and your family.
a loss is hard, anytime, even more for a parent losing their child. this should never happen to someone.
grief always take time, the soul needs to heal. remember him in the best way possible, he deserves that and
i think you do that. this shows heart and a lot of strength to share. you are loved my friend and you matter.
take care of yourself, for your loved ones, family and friends. :purple_heart: there is always a place for you
here. reach out if you want. feel hugged.

There’s no consolation, no reprieve from the haunting what ifs. It is a shade of reality that permeates everywhere you look, everyone you talk to, every memory you have, every conversation you engage in. His loss is ever present. And mourning doesn’t feel sufficient. It’s a kind of pain that forces your mind to want to move. Like if you could solve the problem, you could fix it. But it is confounding. You blame yourself, but it isn’t enough to feel any sense of resolution. It just adds to the pain. Some days it is suffocating. Like you don’t think you’ll be able to breathe, or move, or make it through. Relief feels sinful. How could I ever allow myself to not feel his loss? There is no such thing as letting go. Happiness feels condemning. And there is no one who understands. It is a kind of loneliness you can never shake off. No one could know the depth of loss. There is no one who can enter into that pain with you. There is no one who can kneel amidst the shattered reality you bleed against. Everything is just broken. And it will never be the same.