My story also thanks heart support

Hi my names Nathan I’m from the uk I’m currently 25 well here it begins … when I was 21 I was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis seen surgeons which quickly said it wasn’t that so they said rest up and see how you are anyways next morning they noticed I haven’t been and emptied my bladder so they did some scans and noticed an abnormal scan of my bladder so had to have a catheter placed to empty my bladder and they sent me home with a catheter and have a follow up appointment myself I though hey this will sort it self out how wrong I was anyways had to live with a catheter for a year with constant pain and constant uti’s so spoke with a surgeon and they told me point blank my bladder no longer works and it will never start working again it was like being hit in the face with a brick they discussed with me about year ago they could make me a new bladder with bowel but with my age that Isn’t a good option so they sent me to another surgeon to see another urology consultant hey I thought great a second opinion so spoke to him and he said my option is live with a catheter for rest of my life or have a stoma which is called a urostomy so now I live with a bag firstly I was fine mentally I took it on the chin and thought hey I’m still alive and there’s people worse off than me few weeks ago I just went down hill mentally when I received a letter from the hospital to say they found a tumour in my bladder which really took me to lowest of low I have been trying to kill myself constantly every single day taking overdoses ending up in the emergency room and then seein mental health team which all they say are things will get better but things haven’t but I really appreciate what you do heart support it hasn’t helped me so so much even if I just listening to other people stories then I don’t feel so alone well I got one more surgery to remove my bladder which I hopefully will go great then I can hopefully get on with my life and start setting myself goals which I think will help me mentally so I will have abit of self belief and pride anyways thanks for listening to me

Hi Nathan,

You are incredibly brave and strong willed. What you are going through is not easy and I can understand how angry you feel. You feel a lot of negative emotions dealing with this and I totally understand. I think your feelings are completely justified and the way the doctors treated you is a load of garbage. I wish I had some great advice to give you or something to say but the truth is that it sucks and your feelings are justified. I really hope you can get things figured out, I don’t know if organ donation is possible for something like that or what they can do. I just know that treating it like it’s the end won’t make dealing with it easier. You are strong and you will not let this rule you. You can be bothered by it, you can be angry, but you can’t keep letting it destroy you. Maybe try talking to other people who have dealt with similar medical issues, maybe you can find out something from them that the doctors are missing or an option they hadn’t considered. You got this, and we have your back

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Thanks you so much :heart:

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