My story of strength

I have entered the black hallway and not seen the end. from late 2016 to mid 2017 three people close to me committed suicide, my wrestling coach/mentor/2nd father figure we all loved him, my female best friend who i was hoping to and knew we could’ve been in a great relationship, and a musician mentor chester bennington who was the voice of my teenage angst and was there for me when i needed to scream,cry,or just wanted to be pumped up. I lost all hope thought of ending it all I was trying to get cancer or die by over smoking my hookah of which i passed out various times.I was also drinking 30 beers a day at my peak. I was severely depressed, highly anxious and very stressed out. I self blamed, still sometimes do, what could I have done Various things that helped me is i took every day as a day and took baby steps, moved back home to be around my niece and nephew that retaught me how to love and to get better. I still have episodes of depression,anxiety and high stress its bad enough that sometimes it blurs my vision. I also sometimes still drink but for the most part its more controlled than it was, i might give it up next. But I’ve won the battle, chose not to stay in the dark hallway and hopefully my story helps someone else… Wanted to share all the details, telling the story has helped me grow even stronger day by day every time i tell it.


Hey friend,
That is incredible you are so so so amazingly strong and I am so proud of your strength and courage and you should be too!
Congrats on slowly winning you fight and I’m sure that this will inspire many others as well as me,
Love Luna :heart:

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