My story

Hi, my name is Annie. I’ve been struggling with self image issues and undiagnosed depression and anxiety for about 3 years now. It keeps getting worse. Im not really open with my family, so I just never tell my family anything. I share with my friends but never my family. This is my story. Please let me know if you have any advise.


Welcome to Heart Support!

It sounds as though even though you are sharing with your friends, you are not receiving the help that you need. Otherwise, things would not be getting worse for you. Is your family not receptive to discussions about your feelings?

If things keep getting worse for you, sooner or later you will be in crisis, unless you find help. You have taken a good first step by reaching out here. Not only is it a good way to help you feel less alone, but after being here for a while, you will come to realize that many people are facing issues that are similar to yours.

Your doctor may be able to refer you to a mental health specialist. There may also be some low cost mental health services in your area.

Depression, anxiety, and body image concerns can create a “negative feedback loop.” Depression and anxiety can interfere with the confidence required to take actions that would improve body image. At the same time a negative body image can lead to depression and anxiety. As each part of this cycle intensifies, it will “keep getting worse.”

Therefore, it really is important for you to find a way to break this cycle. While you are looking for ways to receive the help that you need, please keep checking in here and let us know how you’re doing. We really do care.


Hello Annie,
I am also new here but I have both anxiety and depression, diagnosed, and I have been working with them for many years now. The best advice that I can give you is to focus on yourself as in selfcare. Say “no” when you need to but also make sure to get out of bed and do something.
For me, my brain sometimes feels like a warzone because the anxiety and depression go neck to neck and it feels very defeating. The best way to get out of those moments is to do something you enjoy or find some kind of motivation that keeps you going.
Even when you get diagnosed and start to get help, it will be hard. The more you learn and understand about it will both be good and feel bad at the same time, but you just have to be gentle with yourself and sympathetic because sometimes you will feel very badly about yourself, but you need to remember that you’re just a human who is just trying to survive.
That’s all I can offer at the moment but I hope that things get better for you regarding your family and friends. I promise that it will get better and it won’t always be this hard.