My struggles of depression

when i was 10 my mom abandoned me and left me with my dad who had to be both parents to me but since my sister died when i was 15 he rapidly went dont hill which made me do the same when he died when i was 17 i was to traumatized to even cry or feel any emotions. as time went on i started cutting my self i ended up in the hospital 4 times from attempted suicide i have a mild form of autism and have to live with my grandma who mentally abuses me daily by calling me fat and ugly and taking her problems out on me all the time. i feel like im worthless i have no friends what so ever im 27 never had a boyfriend or a true friend i can talk to about these problems going on inside my head. one word can set me off and make me hate myself even more. i feel no one likes me like im the most hated human being in this world. im a nuisance to everyone i come in contact with like no one wants me around. and i know it isn’t just me because im constantly hated on by everyone.

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I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Well done for reaching out and posting here - we love you. Try and reach out to your doctor or a therapist, someone who can help you. You’re not hated by everyone… Come and join the community discord, get to know some people. I’ve made some amazing friends on there.

Hold Fast

I stopped going to my therapist she didn’t help me

It takes time to find the right one. Don’t give up on it, sometimes it takes a few to find the right person.