My struggles with work

Just saw the post from @NateTriesAgain about journal entries, and I thought I’d give this a shot. I apologize if this seems a bit like a rant, but I definitely wanted to get a few things off my chest if that’s ok?

I’ll start by saying, I love my job. I get to work in an environment where everyday is a new day, and I have the opportunity to help people and try to make their lives better. I do lots of travelling alongside other co-workers across a big area, so there are times I’m alone, and times I’m with others. That being said, I’ve lately had a lot of issues with my supervisor lately, and it’s brought an enormous amount of stress and anxiety into my work.

Saying that my boss doesn’t like me would be an understatement, and I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating. We started off great, but over the last six months, we’ve had a few disagreements about issues regarding legal problems, team dynamics, etc etc (stuff that would take way to long to understand). I started talking to some of my other co-workers, and discovered that they too were having some major problems with him too. So I tried to sit down with him and speak face to face. I wanted to behave like adults, and hash out the problem like grown ups, ask what I could be doing better, and what I wanted in the form of support. However, the boss would find excuses to travel to different places when I wanted to meet up, and started completely avoiding me. Now it’s gotten to the point where at the start of our shifts, he would send me places to the middle of nowhere just so I wouldn’t have an opportunity to speak face to face with him.

Unfortunately that isn’t it. I’ve also discovered that the boss has been complaining to other people cross-departments, lower level staff, and entry level workers and complaining about myself and a couple others I work with. He has never, not once, tried to talk with any of us about issues he has with our work, or things he does not want us doing. Instead, he simply complains to others about us, and doesn’t talk anymore. This has been going on for about 4 months now.

I’ve tried a lot of different things, but no matter what the case, it seems there’s just no getting around the issue. I don’t want to go above his head, but I honestly feel like he’s behaving like a 6 year old. He’s done a lot of jobs prior to ours, including first responder positions like EMS, police, etc. and we really think he’s really burnt out. Because of this, I’ve had so much extra stress and anxiety every day coming in for my shifts, and it’s absolutely taking a toll on me mentally and physically.

Thanks to everyone who reads this epically long journal entry! You people are amazing, and it absolutely helps knowing there are people looking out for me. You are all the real heroes :heart:


Man, it’s gotta suck to just be in this place of wanting so badly to do the right thing and get stiff-armed for so long, and have negative consequences come because someone else is preventing you from doing the right thing.

And for you to have to sit in those consequences – every day – not just with that person but with your peers and other coworkers…to have your reputation drug through the mud…to be slandered…dang dude, it is brutal.

Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart – I’m glad that you wrote that out. I’m curious – after seeing all of this on “paper”, what are you feeling?

Thanks for sharing. I hope getting it out helped a little. That sounds very frustrating and work can be such a huge part of our lives. When you feel stressed at a job where you spend most of your time, that definitely takes a toll on you outside of work as well.

Hi @NateTriesAgain! I’m sorry I didn’t reply, I’ll be honest, I completely forgot to!

In response to your question, I think putting it out on paper has actually really helped. Just getting my thoughts out there onto paper (or a forum lol) has helped me realize a few things, and it also reminded me not to give up. I’m still working in my job, still working with my boss, and things have gotten a little better over time. I mean, there’s still issues, but every job has problems and mine is no different. It took a couple months to sit down with him and try to talk out a few things (and we both got stuck at the same site a few times and were forced to talk, so that helps too!!)

thanks for following up, and again, so sorry for forgetting to reply!

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