My suicidal thoughts are winning

I’m really tired. I almost committed suicide this past July. Since than I’ve gotten back on medication I’m trying to find a therapist I’m the meds are starting to work idk. I’m just tired I’m still always suicidal I’m in so much pain still even tho I’m feeling better. I feel like what’s the point if I’m always going to have these thoughts? What’s the point I’m in pain I’m hurting there’s I’m i really I’m so I’m in so much pain will it ever end? What even is there to do? I feel like I’m I’m too messed up to fully fix.


Hey! You might not think so, but I am GLAD you are STILL HERE. :heart:

Not true. You are in the process just like everyone else. I’ve too struggled with suicidal thoughts at a point in time. It gets better. I believe in you and love you for the person you are. Keep living please. :slight_smile:

Hi friend,

I have dealt with suicidal ideation for many years. My battle with depression and anxiety has been ongoing for so long and there are days where I have asked myself the same questions. “What’s the point?”

It’s important that we don’t let these thoughts consume us. Yes, they are there and lingering. That’s understandable. We struggle and we have hurts. But you are worth so much more than those dark thoughts your mind wants to take you to. You matter. You are important and you are enough. I know it may be hard to believe sometimes, but you are worth fighting and thriving for!

It’s good that you are taking medication. It can be hard to find the right medicine and the right dose. But in time medicine can be such a helpful resource. It was for me.

Find the right therapist can also take time and patience but it is SO worth it. Having that safe place to help guide you through the challenges you face can make such a difference. Don’t lose hope my friend. It can get better.

You are not too messed up to fix. It takes time. But it can get better. You are just a human being trying to find your way and that’s okay! One day at a time. You’re doing good by reaching out to places to find help.

We’re here for you. We care

  • Kitty

I believe in you! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and your closer than you think! Keep pushing through and you will make it to better times. I’m so glad you’re here now and chose to speak out about your struggles! You can make a difference in other people’s lives!
:heart: :heart::heart:
I believe in you, just take it day by day and try to find joy (you don’t have to be perfectly happy to be joyful) in the smallest places.