From ball of lint: my therapist is leaving my school due to an emergency. so im changing therapists. sucks because i liked her alot and i connected with her. i specifically requested her because shes a black woman and i wanted to talk to someone about my racial trauma as a black woman aswell but i wanted it to be personal. we were also in the middle of trauma therapy so i feel frozen. had my last meeting yesterday


I’m sorry your therapist is leaving. I imagine she is too. It sounds like really difficult timing for you. It may take some time to thaw out and warm up to the way things are now. That makes sense. You are to be commended for being willing to deal with your trauma constructively. Please consider another therapist. A new one may not be the best match, but still able to help you in some ways that’ll keep you on your healing journey. All the best as you make your way~

Geez - to have the floor ripped out from under you right when you are getting settled…especially when you’re talking about sensitive things…and you feel like you found the person to connect to…it’s hard to pick up the pieces, it’s hard to come to terms with the LOSS - of a friend, someone who understood - to realize you’ll never see them again. It’s hard to feel alone, get found, and then get tossed back to being alone. The contrast of no hope - to hope - to no hope again hurts worse because it feels like you’re falling from greater heights. That’s so hard friend. I’m so sorry for your loss…I do want to call out and admire your courage to pursue care for your heart - to recognize you have racial trauma and that you don’t just have to sit on your hands and hope it changes, but you can pursue HEALING. The fact that you had the self-awareness to recognize it and the courage to reach out - that is truly amazing. I am sad with you, and I am also encouraged that you were able to find it once, and I am hopeful that, in time, you will be able to find the right next step towards healing. thank you for sharing your grief here

From ManekiNeko: I know I can’t understand your trauma and I deeply am so so sorry that the person you’ve built this connection with has to leave. I can only imagine the feelings that have been stirring with your last session having been. I hope they could give you some insight into transitioning with someone new. Its almost like you have to go through all that experience again and rebuild a connection.

From NateTriesAgain: <@1066133435682398270> would love to hear an update as to how you are doing :heart:

From ball of lint: i feel better about the therapists but now my family is just irritating. i wish they would just leave me alone

From ball of lint: i dont even care if im just being an edgy teen they just genuinely love being mean to me and ragging on me

From ball of lint: when i was groomed online they blamed it all on me and took away all of my privileges as if i wasnt the one being manipulated, and im still feeling the effects of those punishments at 17. and now theyre using the fact i was groomed as an example for why i shouldnt have privileges.

From ball of lint: im tired of being in this house i want spring break to be over already

From ball of lint: i get taking away my devices to keep me safe but they only care about my safety when they can use it to control me

From ball of lint: and theyre suprised when i act out like yeah im tired of you blaming me for being hurt when they were the ones who let me get hurt

From ball of lint: sorry for the rant just very zoned out

From NateTriesAgain: <@1066133435682398270> getting blamed is something that cuts deep - it makes you feel like you can’t trust people and you have to constantly defend yourself. It’s hard enough to go through life without feeling like you’re going to be cut down or criticized or judged for the choices you make. And to feel like it was unjust, and still have to be dealing with the consequences…it’s all hard.