My therapist said I have a drinking problem

I didn’t not go to AA meeting, but me and my therapist did a test on my drinking habits. It said that at risk of drinking. She told me not to drink for a month to see where it goes.

I don’t think I care do it, selfish I like having a few beers on the weekends and make depressed I can’t do that. I already deal with self harm issues and it just another thing to add to top of the list.

It sad I’m like this way, I tired of feeling like on the problem. People think I’m being paranoid and I think I’m being paranoid.

Fuck I don’t know what to think.


I think I was talking to you about alcohol a few days ago, that it’s a depressant, therefore using it to address depression is about as useful as using gasoline to put out a fire. The thing is, halting a habit without an alternative way of coping, leads to frustration, and usually doesn’t work. Paranoia is a manifestation of anxiety. Alcohol can numb such feelings, however, the feelings tend to return with greater strength, once the alcohol is gone.

What bothers you about going to an AA meeting?


From: twixremix

hey metalskater! thank you for posting about this new challenge your therapist is guiding you through. usually, it’s a helpful experiment to measure whether there is self control in your alcohol habits. i wish you the best of luck as you do your best to withhold from alcohol for a month so you and your therapist can create an action plan for the future together. you are not the problem though, and i’m so thankful your therapist is behind you through this journey as you heal and address things in your life. you got this, my friend! love, twix



Hi @Metalskater1990 Addiction isn’t fun and I think that if your therapist wants you to take a break, you should just in case. Going thru detox is much worse, trust me. See how you are after a month, you might feel better and find you don’t need it. Take care. ~Mystrose


Hey @Metalskater1990

I really appreciate the struggle if you are trying to get rid of some of these bad habits. Addiction is real and the struggle/pain in trying to fight the addiction is real. You are trying and it is ok to feel like crap.

I like the lyrics to the song “Drive” by Incubus. Give it a listen today and look at the lyrics if you have a chance. It helps remind me that I like myself most when sober and clear thinking. It speaks to me in a way a lot of songs don’t. Defy the addiction and choose to drive your own life my friend.

Anyways, wishing you strength and determination this week <3/Mish


I want to take this moment to encourage you to listen to your therapist & use the tools that they provided to you. Sometimes, we cannot see our way through the trees & need someone to guide us through the things standing in our way. Thank you for reaching out & allowing us to support you.

You are strong. You are enough. You are valid.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Metalskater1990! I think that what your therapist is saying about trying to not drink for a month is a good idea. Like an AA group of one. I hope you try to do it and I hope you manage to complete that month without alcohol.

What Wings says about alcohol being a depressant is so true and I hope you take those words to heart to help you.
Good luck and stay strong :hrtlegolove:


“AA group of one” that’s so good! so… eloquent lol

@Metalskater1990 a month without drinking sounds like it’ll help you have some fresh eyes to look at your consumption.
Imagine you’re at the beach. You can’t always notice how much effort you put into swimming while you’re in the water, but when you stand on the shore, it looks different when you’re not fighting the waves.

If you could get a handle on your drinking now, it’s always better than letting it get worse. I’m glad your therapist is there to provide support to you through this, so maybe you could give it a try and see how it affects everything else you’re dealing with too!

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Hi Metal

So I guess the main thing is if drinking (or really anything we do) has a healthy place in our life or not. Like…are we better off for doing X Y or Z…does it help us more or less than it hurts us?

I think your therapist suggesting a month break is an opportunity to see what life is like without it and likewise an opportunity to examine what you miss about it and/or what you might gain (or lose) by not doing it.

It might be that your weekends can still be fun without it (maybe different fun? I dunno) and that you enjoy not feeling hungover (if that happens).

Anyhow that is pretty much life man. Try something that seems like a good idea and see if it works. If it doesn’t work for you: maybe stop unless you have a reason to keep going (I stink at guitar, but I keep playing because I want to…for example).

Its your life and its your journey.

Anyhow for me personally when I was in my late 20s/early 30s I would drink to excess because I didn’t have anything else to do and in general it made me feel good and on the numb side. It also led to poor decisions, cost plenty of money and I 100% would get hungover. - I drank because I was generally unhappy and didn’t have the social life I would have liked and it turned out that version of me being intoxicated still wasn’t very fun to be around so I didn’t really attract many new friends (and the ones I met were not friends worth having). All in all I am better off without the booze, but thats just me.

Good luck dude. Take er easy. Talk to you soon


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