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From muichirotokito_20: here we go===============

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From muichirotokito_20: i belive that all people have at least some amount mount of goodness in them. sometimes we dont show it, but i truly belive it. humankind could be beautiful if we all work together. bullying is wrong. we are all human beings despite color, gender, and sexuality. humanity is a delicate existence. we all tear each other down for self benifit. we take are problems out on other people. we need to stop waging a war against ourselves! you also can expect too much out of others. we are all only human and have are limitations. i hope to the people who read this that you understand the importance of what i am saying. i know there will be people who dont take me seriously. im some kid on discord. who cares right? please listen to what i am saying. i know i am far from perfect and there are many better people out there who i strive to be like one day. humanity was never about all this other stuff, it was about love, friendship, and compassion to others.

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From eagertuna0: This is a lovely message and you’re so right. While we often get caught up in the negatives and our differences/dissent, humanity can be a beautiful thing too – humanity can be about love, friendship, and compassion, just as you said.

Thank you for sharing and for being here.

From muichirotokito_20: thank you for taking the time to read my message. sometimes when i am stressed writing my feelings can really help. it makes me happy that i know there are people who care about the message i want to spread.

From micro_tato: Absolutely love your outlook on life/humanity and purpose more generally. And love even more the fact that you took time to share it here with everyone. You’re not just a person on Discord - you’re a person with a rich inner world, and it’s a joy to connect with it/with you through your message here. This world can feel very discouraging and overwhelming at times, and it’s so fundamental to get back to roots of love, friendship, and compassion - you are on point. :heart: