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My uncles ex wife (rant)

So- this is just gonna be me ranting about my uncles ex wife, because i hate her with all my guts. She didn’t exactly do things to me (except lying but she always lies so eh) but to my cousin and his half brother. Man I hate this woman so much, god. I’m honestly just boiling with anger.

She’s a disgusting, abusive liar and I’m so happy my cousin got out of that household. He doesn’t deserve this shit at such a young age. (Or ever, no one does)

But he’s failing all his classes now (which I don’t blame him for at all) and I might have to tutor him. Which is completely fine, I’d be happy to help him where I can. I’m just a little anxious?? Since we haven’t seen each other in quite some years. I’ve seen him around in my school but we never talked. I doubt he even fully knows who I am.

Something kind of good though; Ex wife is going to move away, since no one likes her around here, because of all the shit she pulled.

Man, I haven’t seen my cousin in a long time but my heart aches for what he’s been through.


Hey friend,

It sounds like your uncle’s ex-wife had a pretty negative impact on other family members… I’m so sorry for this. A huge part of my own family was/is pretty toxic, mostly because of repeated traumas, which doesn’t excuse anything. It’s really a shitty feeling when you know that you have to deal with people who manipulate or don’t respect others, just because they’re “family”… I understand your frustration.

Good thing your uncle’s ex-wife is going to move away though. Maybe this is a beginning of a new chapter in your family’s life? A time to heal some wounds due to past relationships, and overall just an opportunity to close this chapter, so you could give space to something better. Who knows, maybe the fact that you’re going to see your cousin again is part of it? Sometimes life has its own way to create (or re-create!) connections at the right time. A lot of goodness is likely to happen once you’ll tutor your cousin. Who knows? :hrtlegolove:

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