My wife passed away just over a year ago at 54 thi

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My wife passed away just over a year ago at 54. This song has meant so much more to me in this past year. I still cry almost every time I hear it. :broken_heart:


Hey friend, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your loss. That’s a lot to deal with and a very recent thing. I’m glad that you have a song that you can go to as music is such a healing force and metal is extremely cathartic in its own rite. The pain you’ve got inside needs a way to be released and I’m glad that you have a way to release it when listening.

That is difficult to lose someone that you spent years of your life with. A year is not a lot of time since losing one so close to you. I’m glad that this song has touched you, and I hope it has also helped you through the grieving process. Hold Fast.

I’m so sorry for your loss, friend. It’s terrible to lose the very person you’ve been sharing your life with and partnering with. I can only imagine the immensity of your pain and how difficult it’s been already to survive through this year without her. It is completely understandable to cry and to miss her when it feels like your very own heart has been removed of such an important part of itself. Your world has been changed so brutally and it’s unfair to haveto learn to deal with the absence and the silences. I wish we could collectively give you a giant hug right now, and hope for the tears to help at least in letting some of the emotions out when they get particularly heavy. If you ever need to let things out, vent and safe people to listen, you are always welcome to do it here.

If you are willing to share - no pressure from me at all -, I would also love to hear more about her, the kind of person she was and the impact she had on you. Sometimes it helps, even just for a little bit, to share found memories and the name of the person we miss the most, for the rest of the world can still meet her through you, and you can keep carrying on her voice. Sending much love your way. :heart: