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My words mean nothing unless they come out of somebody else’s mouth


Something that’s been bothering me a lot recently- more than I’d like to admit- it how sometimes it seams like I will give advice/speak words of truth to certain people and they won’t listen unless those words come out of someone else’s mouth- someone higher in ranking than me.

I try not to see ranks but it’s obvious they’re there; it’s like if Taylor Swift told you she liked your cover juxtaposed to if your mom did- it’s not the same amount of excitement in most cases.

I know I can’t be the support person in everyone’s life. It’s just frustrating when my voice and my stand level in the community isn’t enough. It takes someone who runs the streams or someone who helped create the community to make them listen.

I’m not meaning to sound rude or snobby or like a complete b*tch but this has been eating at me for a while.

People will say that I was the first person to help them but that doesn’t even matter now.

And I know people need help twenty four seven but people can’t be available twenty four seven. Especially if everyone is turning to the same three people.

Once again, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just been eating at me for a long time and I know this is the only way I can get it off my chest completely and totally.


Hey Lyss,
Hey dude i totally understand where you’re coming from and how it can be so frustrating! I totally understand your frustration. I just want you to know that a while back (in summer i think or maybe sometime before lol) you replied to my post where i was talking about a relationship situation i was going through. Your words meant a lot and it helped. The fact that someone else related to me in the situation was comforting. Just yesterday i think, i was going through my email and found the notification i got where people replied and one of them was you. I read it again and saw how you cared and gave me advice from your heart. Thank you so much for that. It means a lot. Really.
I’m sorry if you are underappreciated and/or if people make you feel that way. The truth is you are always appreciated! Ranks don’t define us. Where all on the same level as human beings. Sure someone may be more “popular” than us, but on the inside we’re all the same. You matter. And the words you speak do too. Thank you so much for being you and caring <3
you will always, always be enough. <3


Thanks friend, that really means a lot to me :heart:


Little Potato,

I feel you on all fronts. I’ve had to work real hard in life to focus on the end game and not the path to get there, and it came to a point my wife used to get upset that I was fine with other people getting the credit for my work, as long as the work is done.

Now that being said I’ve learned its a matter of triage. You know I work in a corporate environment now, so my day to day is spent deciding on which of my ideas or statements are important to be attributed to me, and which ones aren’t. It’s a balancing act.

Ultimately I get the vibe (and you can be all “Jay you are wrong and dumb” if you want) that you’re like me and just want someone to say “Oi, you did good. You did the thing, and I have noticed that and appreciate it.” and thats fair. Thats a fair thing to want, everyone wants that acknowledgment.

In any case, if you ever need to yell, I got you, all of the times. Reach out to me on any of the plethora of platforms you know to find me on.

And as for someone noticing you, I do. I see your works, and progress, and the things you do and say, and I’m proud to have you as a friend.

Hold Fast.


Hi angel,

  1. I LOVE YOU . So much you and we appreciate you so so much. Your words matter to ME! and I hope that helps a little bit.

  2. Shadow of whales is going to talk about your topic live on our instagram at 5pm CST. If you can’t watch live that’s okay i’ll be posting it later. Love you happy birthday my sweet angel.