MyDaddyCanGame Fan #4

I feel like between my age and my gender identity nobody will love me. I’ve spent 30+ years feeling I’m not good enough for anything, so I don’t know why anybody would love me.

hi there, thanks for writing to us.

there’s always something of you that someone will like. it seems finding yours is taking more time. what are your interests right now, even if it’s just for today or tomorrow?

you’ve spent 3 decades feeling worthless, but there’s still time for you to learn and experience. there’s none for you to stop though.

why not return here when you’re calm to tell us more?

until next time,

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Thank you for the post, MDCG friend! We discussed your post on stream tonight. I hope you find it helpful :slight_smile:


if only i can watch it… twitch was blocked my isp for some ridiculous reason months ago.