Myself and family is complete mess

Hi every one first time posting on here, i just came across this because i was literaly thinking about death. I just dont no how to make my life better, my family which consists of my mum and sister no longer live together, i felt it would be wise for me me to move away to look for work. However i feel as a family we have absolutey no one to turn to and no one even phones us, where we moved to was a couple hours from our hometown london and we are all really struggling. And we moved there in a panic due to financial issues so we didnt even plan it. My sister is getting bullied and suffers with anxiety and depression and is extremely stubborn and won’t listen to no one. My mum is stressed sad trying to get back into work whilst currently being broke as fuck and there’s me who has moved back to london with my partner trying to find work but dont even want to wake up. Its just me and mum trying give each other support and we both are so sad and lonely. Im trying to do my best to support my family but i honestly feel like i cant take the pressure any more. We are all just sad all the time with no help and no one that wants to listen. I dont even want to work i just want dont wanna be here.
Does any one relate or has any one got any tips just feel so alone.

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Hi friend. I’m so sorry for all of the hurt that you, your mom and your sister are struggling with on a day to day basis.

I was raised in an isolated family for a lot of my upbringing. Like you, it was just me, my mom and my sister. And there were a lot of times I felt really alone and like we had nobody. We didn’t have a lot of money and often couldn’t afford even basic things. We relied on food banks, charity goods and help from the state. It often lead to being bullied and made fun of. Which I got bullied a lot anyway so I can relate so much to your situation.

Depression is a hard one to battle through sometimes. Especially if you feel like you have nowhere to go.

I’m glad you found your way here! I know we may not be able to resolve your financial struggles or things going on around you, but we can listen, offer encouragement and support. You are always welcome here.

A couple things that may be helpful…Heart support has two books. One is called Dwarf Planet. It’s a guide and workbook through depression. The other is called REWRITE. It’s a guide and workbook through self harm. Both of these books can be found on amazon. OR if you look them up in the Heart Support shop there is a place where you can request a free copy if you can’t for whatever reason buy yourself a copy right now.

If you go to the Heart Support stream page you can find a banner there for an online counseling program that HS is partnered with called BetterHelp. There is a link to a 7 day free trial where you will be assigned a real licensed therapist that you can periodically text OR schedule voice chat with. After the trial is up there is a financial aid that you can try to apply for. I recommend trying this out. I’ve used it, and my counselor was really encouraging.

I know right now things are difficult and it may be really hard to find motivation to do things, but maybe there are some things you could do to help when you get feeling down. Can you play board games with your mom and sister? Do they live near? Or card games? Cards are a cheap way to hang out.

Even if you’re a ways away, are there things that you enjoy and make you happy that you can try to turn to when you’re struggling? For me, it’s painting. It’s really therapeutic for me. I know some people here work on music and write for comfort. What’s your comfort zone?

I truly hope things start looking up for you friend. And that you’re able to find peace and healing. Know that here, we care for you. This is a safe place. No judgement.

You matter. You are important. You don’t have to go at this alone. We’re here

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Hey, I dont know how it is there, but do they have unemployment offices? Like those places you can go to find job placement? I do know that families that struggle together usually have strong bonds, so you guys must be super close. I wish you the best and praying you have to have a renewed daily joy and that you’d be able to find a job to help your family. It’s truly admirable what your doing!


Thank you for your reply, and thanks for reading it. No me and my mum live a couple hours a way now. But i think your right about me finding a hobby. I love being creative but i feel due to depression i have not been able to paint ect for about 11years consistently. I think i need to do that now. You also said you are your family was struggling, how is it now any better?

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Yeah there is they are useless though but my mum is using it. Yeah we do have a very strong bond, never thought of that.
Thanks for your reply.

I can understand how depression makes it hard to paint. Even though painting helps me, it can be hard to get started. I try to push myself. Watching Danjo from Heart Support on his stream really helps me find that motivation. He’s always doing creative encouragement and giving his art away to those who are hurting and could use some love.

I don’t have a lot of association with my family for a lot of reasons I won’t go into here. I live my own life privately and more happily and healthy. I wish I had contact with my sister but unfortunately her life is consumed by hard drugs and an angry/violent mindset.

I’m always a DM if you need and you’re welcome to add me on discord.

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