Need a new vehicle

My two vehicles are putting me in The money pit I’m trying my best to save my money but I’m having trouble.

Financial problems are the worst. Keep your head up though. Everything will work out.

I hope so it’s been killing me for the longest time.

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Make it happen. I had a nice car break down on me a few years ago, and I bought a beat up Honda Accord for $1000. It was ugly, but it got me where I needed to go until I could get something better. That something better was a 2004 Altima, which I drove until I could get into a Camaro SS. Some cars just aren’t worth the expense to fix. Dump them and find something that will keep wheels under your butt. DM me if you need help, I like helping people find the right car.

You are strong! I really hope everything works out for you soon. You deserve to be happy!

Yes I do and I deserve a woman with a gorgeous face in a gorgeous heart