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Need a safe place to mind dump

I’m feeling really down on myself right now. I’m having a hard time.

Feeling discouraged, helpless, hopeless. A lot of things to take on and I’m really struggling with it.

I’m not going to do anything self destructive. I know that won’t help. I’m trying really hard not to turn to those things. Yes, I hate myself and everything I’m feeling puts the weight of suicidal ideation on me. But I’m trying to help myself out of it.

Suicide ideation is a constant battle. Every single day feels like a fight to keep on living. But I keep fighting. I try to.

I just needed to mind dump for a second. I’m hurting. I’m struggling. I don’t know how to express what I’m going through. I’m just having a really hard time and trying my hardest to push through it. I know I need to. Its hard to listen to the voice of reason when things feel so heavy.

I try to be strong in public and in this community… and not do this outside of the privacy of my home and relationship. But I need a moment to just be broken for a second.

Just for a second.


Hey Kitty,
I don’t know what’s up, or what exactly you’re going through, but it’s okay to struggle, and to feel broken. Please know you have people rooting for you and praying for you. You can get through this, and maybe become even stronger from how hard you’ve fought.

  • Rachel

If you need a friend or someone to talk to I’m
Here. Do you play video games or have a favorite tv show? We can talk about the things you like. We care about you and we don’t want you to be suffering, I know is hard but is you can make. I’m sure you are a strong person and you will overcome everything. Please try to relax and put your mind in another place, I don’t want to see another person committing suicide

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Thanks friend. This morning I was in a bad place. But I was able to talk it out and find some comfort with some people who understood and could relate.

I was able to re-center and work on something positive that felt good. The rest of my day went better.

I battle with suicide ideation a lot, but I have places that I can turn to, to help me out of it. I try hard to help myself out of those moments.

I do worry sometimes that one day I’ll hit a point where I don’t know how to help myself out of it. But I try to reach out before that happens.

Thanks for being a caring friend.


Thank you Rachel. After talking it out and finding comfort in a safe place, I was able to recenter my mind set and reset my day. I have moments of weakness sometimes where I don’t always know how to express what’s going on. But I try to create safety plans for myself before it escalates so that I can safely come out of it.

My day went better than this morning and I was able to work on things that I wanted to get done.

Thank you for your encouragement