Need advice and someone to talk too

This is my second post but I would like some advice to help me not overthink everything and also maybe vent to anyone who would like to listen because I have things I need to get off my chest but I can’t keep to myself anymore because it’s rough on me mentally


Hey @Tye,

Well done for reaching out right now. It’s the very step before healing occurs as staying alone with our thoughts can make things more unbearable.

You are in a safe place right here. I encourage you to share what’s on your mind here on this post. We try to keep conversations open so support can be given as a community, and not rely on only one individual. It’s from our different experiences that we can gather more insight, perspectives, and make conversations fruitful. Your anonymity and safety are preserved, and there won’t be any troll of unloving response. We make sure of that.

We’re willing to listen and support you, whenever you’d feel ready to share about it right here. :hrtlegolove:


Lately I’ve been overthinking the little things which are causing my anxiety to spike and that’s by wondering if a certain someone In my life still likes me because lately for me i feel a different tone in her texts back to me and I’m wondering if I’m getting mixed signals because last month everything was good really well between us but now I’m not so sure but I did ask if everything was good between us and she did say yes, but there goes my anxiety saying are you sure about that…


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