Need advice

I need some advice on what to do when something great has happened between two people to then all of sudden getting that weird feeling that they may not feel a certain way about you anymore and not even respond back to your texts but can be active on social media. Because honestly it’s making me feel like I’m once again not good enough.


Hi Tye
Thank you for posting. I will try to give you some advice. The fire we have in the beggining of a relationship will not be that strong after a few months. That does not mean it is not there it just means that the “chemical” part of love is starting to depleat. That is natural. It just means that you have to work on the relationship more. Take the person you love to the cinema or to lunch. Do something exciting together.

There may be another reason and that is that the person is simply tired. Not of you but in general. They may have too many exams at school or other things that bother them. In that case ask if they need help and if they dont want any help just support them by saying that you hope everything will turn out for the best.

I hope this helped.
Take care


Thank you! I will try and reach out to that person


hi @Tye ,

i definitely agree with everything @Ashwell said and want to know how you’re doing? are there any updates on how you reaching out to them after their radio silence went?

everyone is facing their own share of life so while they may have gone silent on you does not mean the love between y’all is gone. there are always 2+ sides to a story so i hope you were able to support them through what they’re going through or to give them that space that they requested. no matter what, though, you are good enough and will always be amazing, valued, and loved. the other person just has to sort through their own stuff first, most likely!



Hey Tye
I wondered how things were going since your post?
I hope you have managed to talk to the person in question that you were worried about and got a response? It can be so difficult when you fear that the person you care for no longer has those feelings but it can all be a blown up in your mind until you can actually speak to them. Whatever happens please know that it doesn’t mean you are not good enough. You are more than good enough.
Please stay in touch
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


I don’t think it’s a matter of being good enough. You are more than good enough. Infatuation feels like love, except it fades quickly. If it’s infatuation, if the other person didn’t “fade away,” in all likelihood, it would be you doing so.

If it’s more than infatuation, it needs to be mutually so.

Keep in mind, the positive things about you that attracted this person are still part of you, which no doubt will lead to happy experiences with others.


Hi everyone!! Sorry for being Mia I recently got a new phone and had to get all of my stuff back in order but as for an update we have texted each other every other day but yesterday she has posted a few pictures of some other guy and when I read her caption I walked out of work sat in my truck and angry cried and walked back in and punched our freezer door and then I woke up this morning to get ready for work she had texted me really early this morning asking if I was up and I responded back but as of right now I haven’t heard anything yet but I’m doing okay now I’m used to being in this position.


Hey Tye
All sounds a bit up in the air, I am sorry things are not going so well for you.
I hope you didn’t hurt yourself when you punched the freezer?
Whatever happens with your friend, I hope things settle down because it doesn’t sound like you are okay at all with what is going on at the moment.
Being “used” to being in a position doesn’t mean its the best or nicest position to be in. I think you are probably worth an awful lot more.
I wish you all the very best Tye
Take care
Lisa :heart:


I didn’t hurt my self that bad I kinda held back when I punched it but one of my co workers told me something that really made my day she told me that I’m the one who’s way to good enough for her


I agree with your coworker.


hey there @Tye
talk to them about how you feel tell them the truth about what they are doing , hurts you . just so you know we love you friend and you are amazing and worthy . by the way you are good enough!

  • ashley

Sorry the delay reply been busy with work but I also agree with her too!! It’s her loss she lost a great person and a great friend

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I haven’t heard anything from her since early Tuesday morning of last week but I really don’t care anymore what’s done is done and I’m honestly in such a great mental place right now so I’m just doing me!


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