Need help and don't know what to do

I’m 30 years old and my drinking has impacted everything in my life… I drank before my service in the military but never like I do now… after my two deployments my drinking ultimately ended my service in the military. Its affects not only me but everyone that is close to me I have gone to counselors and all that but it doesnt help… I would check myself into rehab for an extended stay but i can’t afford to be out of work that long I’ll become homeless. If anyone has any helpful advice I could sure use it right now I’m tired of alcohol controlling who I am.

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Hi friend.

I think it’s good that you are recognizing that there is a problem and that it’s interfering with things around you. That’s a really good start.

I know you said counseling isn’t helping. Perhaps maybe trying a new counselor is a good place to start? Sometimes it takes a while to find the right one. And that’s okay.

AA meetings are a good thing to. Going to as many as you can. Finding a sponsor that can help you and hold you accountable as you need. Work with you as you try to fight through cravings. Being around other people who can relate to what you are going through and help you.

I’m sorry that you are struggling right now but I think it’s reslly great that you are aware of the problem, you want the help and now you just have to fight to commit and hold yourself to it. It’ll be hard. But if you set some goals for yourself. Take it one day at a time, and surround yourself with the right AA groups, sponsors and people you could find some really good support.

Keep staying strong my friend. You can do this!

  • Kitty