Need help reviewing something PLEASE

So, i’m ending a “friendship” (i personally wouldn’t call it that because i don’t really see them as my friend) and i wrote something that puts everything into why i don’t want to be friends. well, not really, there’s a couple reasons why but this is the main one. if you would take the time to review it and tell me what i can improve on, then that would be wonderful, thank you!!

(blue is referring to a friend of ours)

hey i just want to say that i don’t really want to be friends… i know this might hurt you and all but i don’t like the thought of any unnecessary drama in my life, especially when i have enough of my own. i also think that you practically giving me your life story was a bit weird and i’m not saying you shouldn’t open up to people but at least… i don’t know… ask them if they’re cool with that?? idk i just feel like you shouldn’t really dump that on somebody who clearly isn’t good with stuff like that… i also say this because blue and i were talking and she was saying about how you also do this very often to her and i think that’s unfair as well because we’re literally 15 and 16?? what do you expect us to say, do, or know? if you just need to vent then there’s websites for that and i understand wanting to talk to a friend but you also have to understand that not everyone is capable of handling that. i’m not saying this to be rude, but to inform you. you’re 18? 19? and just putting all of this onto somebody who is 2/3 years younger than you (and that is a lot of time in terms of mental growth and maturity) and i just think that isn’t right. please just think about that next time. also one of the websites i tend to use for venting because i don’t personally like putting my problems onto anybody is heartsupport. they have a good community and are every welcoming. just, think about what i said next time you do stuff like that, please.

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Some peope are just here to support others though.

you’re allowed to come on here for advice too i believe… it also relates to mental health… so… i don’t see the point in this negative comment

This isn’t a negative comment. I am telling you that this message doesn’t apply to everything. I didn’t know it was rude or anything. I’m tryin to be polite, but i don’t know much abou what actual Earth culture is like, so…

Hey @echo - Thanks for posting! I think if someone is weighing you down, it isn’t a bad idea to, at minimum, communicate what your thoughts are to them. Typically, when bringing something like this up to someone else, you want to try to refrain from pointing fingers (i.e. “You [did this] [did that]”), and instead, communicate how it’s making you feel. This will help avoid a full-blown argument, because pointing fingers will likely make the other individual go into self-defense mode and attack back. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hey @echo,

This sounds to be a tough situation. It seems that this person needs to be heard, but it’s also good for you to be aware of your own limits - and to say it. Also to open another door by sharing resources such as HeartSupport. As you sent your message, I hope that things will go as smoothly as possible for all of you. Also that setting those boundaries will create some positive changes. Take good care of yourself. :hrtlovefist:

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