Need new mommy advice

Hi everybody.

Kiera came home Thursday morning and we’ve been settling in. So far it’s been pretty crazy to say the least heh.

I got so little sleep/food the first 24 hours she was here that I ended up having an anxiety attack yesterday afternoon. She just wouldn’t stop crying after her previous feeding. She didn’t drink her entire bottle so we had to give her the rest through the tube so we thought she was in pain. And then we couldn’t calm her down for almost 2 hours. I ended up having to take my panic attack meds… called the doctors that cared for her at the NICU and they said to go to Urgent Care. Urgent Care Said to go to the hospital. She ended up finally falling asleep in the car.

She isn’t as fussy today, but we are writing a list of questions to ask her Pediatrician on Monday.

Anyways, I’ve not had much time to eat really. I know it will get more challenging when I’m working so I was wondering if any of the parents here had any tips or tricks to make sure you’re eating enough.



I know I’m not a parent, but if it helps at all, my friend has the same trouble finding time to eat, so she started getting smoothies with lots of protein and collagen ect in them and freezing them. Or just having frozen ingredients and then adding coconut milk for good fat and blending it so she could feed and drink at the same time. She also has a healthy snack stash next to her feeding station just in case.

I hope things start getting easier for you! And I hope your little babe is doing okay


Hey @Sapphire

When the baby sleeps you eat and sleep. That’s the rule! :smiley:

Now you need a new routine. One that involves child care and mommy care. Making a schedule until you get into a groove is an idea. I know Kiera isn’t going to follow the routine right off the bat, but she needs to have one too and eventually you’ll be a well oiled machine!

You got this!

PS. One thing my son responded to was just talking softly to him. Being calm is a big deal because baby can pick up on you being anxious and get more upset. Just breathe and sing her a little song or tell her a story. Something soothing for both of you.


hi Sapphire

I’m not a parent either but I will try and offer advice about enabling eating.

I’m not sure if its possible to prepackage meals (or frozen meals) with labels on them with days + am/pm or whatever but having them in the fridge next to baby bottles might be a reminder.

Having to remember to check off something on a calendar could be an extra chore…maybe make a sign for yourself: Are you hungry? When did you last eat?

It also does not hurt to have snacks around the house. Having a large jar of cashews or single serving whatever…granola bars…fruit packs…etc…that are easy to grab and eat fast might help.

I am sorry to hear its been kinda rough so far and I am glad that a little someone that needs extra love is in the right hands. You’re doing better than you think. promise.

Take care and good luck.


Thanks everyone for the responses.

I went shopping today and got a bunch of finger food that I can either throw in the oven or the microwave and forget about. Hopefully that will help.

Also, I think my husband and I discovered that Kiera absolutely hates the formula that her doctor wanted her on. It’s different than the one that we stocked up on before she was born, which is the same formula brand that she ate in the hospital, so we are letting her rest today and tube feeding her until she wakes up since she had a rough night last night. The other formula makes her gag if it even touches her lips at room temp and it doesn’t keep as well overnight during her continuous feeds, so we’re hoping this will make her feel better.

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