Need some movivation

Okay so far, I’m doing a bit better so far, mostly because I got a free game from my idol, I just have something that I can let my mind out, that’s good for me, I can’t really tell if my mental health is good or bad, I’m not really too sure about it. I managed to talk to some online friends about stuff and have someone to talk to, so far everything is going “okay”, I just have a problem…

Grades, for school I’m doing perfectly fine, I mean, for every class expect math, I’m not too sure why I struggle pretty well in math, I used to be so smart for math, having a B before going to highschool, but now it’s a straight F now, every other class either has an A or a C which will become a B soon. So what I’m going to ask is that If I can get any sort of movivation to do schoolwork, because I don’t really have any, I mean I could just self-motivation but that can’t hold me up forever since I’m mostly using that for my other classes and other stuff then math. I just need some type of speech or inspiration text from someone, since I have 9 or 10 missing assignments from math and I just want to do something about that but I just feel lazy and unmotivated for that class…


It’s hard to find motivation to do something difficult and you have little confidence in accomplishing it. I had a horrible time in math myself, and failed repeatedly. Thing about math is, the information is cumulative, so once you run into a tough spot, from then on, it’s nearly impossible to do well.

You really really need to get some special tutoring, if you hope to catch up. Sometimes, it’s just one little thing or bit of missing knowledge that prevents future learning on the subject. It’s like every link in the chain has to be present. My problem was understanding the positives and negatives in algebra, and how equations worked. I ended up taking both private instruction and a remedial class before I finally started succeeding. Then, once I was better at it, it was much easier to find the motivation to continue.

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