Need someone to talk to... I’m struggling

I’ve had a very rough week. Monday was just so terrible. I thought we were getting over everything. But he keeps lying to me. Some female messaged me and told me he was cheating on me again. That he had a secret Snapchat. That he hated me and wanted nothing to do with me. So I confront him about it and he leaves me where we were at with no way of getting home. That broke my heart the most. And him leaving just made it seem like what she was telling me was the truth. Then he ignored for me for the whole day until I told him if he doesn’t talk to me we are over for good. Well we talked, but I still find it hard to believe everything he said. The Snapchat thing is what really gets me. I want to believe him and trust him more than anything but I’m terrified of getting my heart broken all over again.

Heart break sucks. I went through it about a month ago, then I just found out a few days ago it happened cause someone else got in the picture. It devastated me. I feel some of your pain. If you need to talk or vent feel free

Hi friend, I am so sorry you are being treated this way by someone who should be treating you with love respect and kindness. I know you want to believe him but I would recommend looking at his actions and seeing if they are that of someone who deserves you. He is not respecting to you by having the Snapchat, leaving you alone or not taking to you. I know it’s hard to leave but it might be for the best. You deserve to feel loved and cherished. I hope this helps! Sending love

I’m sorry that you had to go through this you know your worth and shouldn’t be treated this way. Heartbreak is the worse I know it feels like you’ll never recover but time and the people you love can help.

You deserve to be respected. You are a lady and not being treated as such by your man. Cheating on you, being shady, lack of honest communication, and abandoning you…is that what you think you deserve? Yes, ending relationships is painful, but in time you heal and it allows you to work on yourself. Trust me, you are better off alone than with a man who treats you poorly. Sending hugs and concern :heart:

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