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Need support in dealing with CANCER!


Hi friend, i feel so sorry to hear that. my toughts are with you. if you are interested, look at our homepage, we
have a focus group on cancer that we hopefully can start soon. also some of our members in the community are
have experience and struggles, have overcome that and still in therapy.
stay strong, you are not alone in this. you are loved and you matter most. to us. to your family. to your friends.
feel hugged. :purple_heart:

Hi Friend! I hope that you are able to join the HeartSupport discord. As mentioned before, there is a Cancer Support Focus Group that will hopefully start soon.
I am a cancer survivor and know the struggles that cancer can bring. I hope that you’ll become active here in this community. There is a ton of love and support here.

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Feelings like such a damning diagnosis. In one moment, your life changes, and you can’t walk back through that threshold. Your life instantly pivots from what feels like this light freedom to what is this arduous, almost impossible path. So much is now out of your control, so much of your time and money is now wrapped up in this (or will be), and it just feels like - why did I have to draw the short straw? Why me? To accept the reality is to accept that your life will never be the same. And that is a hard pill to swallow.