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I’m having a hard time right now. I had sex for the first time but I didn’t knew that the girl I was with has 3 different types of STD’s also her dad found us having sex and pretty much the whole school knows about it. I’ve been trying to stay positive but I’m thinking about ending everything.

As embarrassing as the scenario is. And the stress that comes along with it. You will look back on it as one of those decisions that wasn’t the best and be able to laugh at the awkwardness. I do that with a lot of my past exploits now that I’m older. It seems like a lot. And horrible and the whole world is shattering around you. Take a deep breath and ride this out. You will be able to handle this. And eventually you will be able to look back upon this rough patch. We are all rooting for you.

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Thanks. I feel better now but somethings I look back at it and it makes me feel ashamed.

Give it time. Plus there is nothing to be ashamed of. Things happen. It’s ok to learn and grow. That’s how we become better people.


Stay strong, this will pass.
It is ok to make mistakes, we learn and grow from them as we move on.
You mentioned there is a possibility that the girl had or has STDs, If you haven’t already I would recommend getting that checked just to be safe.

I am sorry that it is a lot of feelings to process all at the same time, you know you have support here when you need it, we are here for you.

Stay strong, Much love!

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