Need to talk but can't

I hate how it is hard for me to talk about what I am feeling and coping with especially now that I am done with school and my support system is gone. I know I need to deal with things on my own but how do I do that? There is so much I am coping with and it feels like I have no one and that I am on my own. I wish I could just talk to someone about what I am coping with but when I do I either am ignored, written off or given advice. I don’t need advice I just need to be heard. I get pissed off easily because it is easier to be pissed off than sad, hurt, rejected, ignored or excluded. I just wish I could talk and be heard and not judged or ignored.

Hey Ninja,

I just want to tell you I’m semi in your boat right now. The therapist I had I was seeing for free through school, as well as I had an affordable doctor to go to in order to get medication. But when I graduated I lost all of that.

But what I want to tell you is that in fact you are not at all dealing with this alone, because teh community is here for you, and we love you, and will walk along side you. So please don’t ever ever feel like you are going through this alone.

If you just want someone to listen, dm me here, and I will just listen, if need be we can hop in a voice chat in discord and I will just sit and listen to you. Cause I understand, sometimes we just need to be heard, and listen I’m telling you I hear you.

You’re Loved, Your Life Matters! Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,

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Hi @mufcninja YOU ARE LOVED. Never forget that. Just because the people around you aren’t listening doesn’t me there’s no one out there that won’t. We’re here for you. I’m here for you. DM if you need to. Just take a deep breathe, inhale and exhale, and hold fast. We got you friend!

I believe in you,

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Hi Ninja,

You know what, I know that sometimes advice can be hard to hear. I know that sometimes, even though people mean the best intentions, that advice can be more hurtful and frustrating than helpful. I get that. I hear you. I’ve been there. So I won’t advise you right now, okay? Instead I just want you to know that you are important and valued. In this community, even as a perfect stranger you are loved. And even if we can’t resolve all of your struggles, we will try our best to offer you understanding in your time of hurting.

Your feelings matter. You deserved to be heard. So speak your mind all you need. And if you don’t want advice with it, that’s okay. If you just need love right now, then I’ll try my best to give that to you.

But don’t give up okay? You don’t have to go at this alone.

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Hey friend. Msg me I’m all ears. We are hear for you to be heard and understood.

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