Needing some Motivation

Hello, been awhile since I’ve been here but, if everyone’s wondering how life’s going for me. Well, despite the rocky breakup fieldtrip, I went through it with a tough fight and currently been just feeling unmotivated or just not care. Been even tryin’ to make a song currently about mental struggles but, after dealing with the breakup. The feeling has left me and I’ve been insecurity for quite some time. If you got some quote or some music you want me to listen for motivation. Feel free throwin’ them at me. I’ll need any type of motivation I need to keep moving on a steady pace.


Hello! Hope you’re doing alright I find myself listening to a lot of while she sleeps I do recommend life in tension! Hope your journey brings you well! And as ADTR said keep your hopes up high and your head down low!

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Hi Lonewolf,
thank you for being here and sharing.
keep your motivation up with things and activities that you like, or going for a walk. physical
activities can help a lot.
For music there are so many out there that keeps you motivated,
Crystal Lake - the great beyond
is a song where i can get lost and is beautiful.
Florence and the Machine - Shake it out

hope this might help you a bit my friend, feel hugged

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