Nervous and anxious about an appointment

I have a doctors appointment later today and it’s making me really, really anxious and nervous. I don’t really know what’s it about and no one is telling me anything. All my mom said was “he (the doctor) has to see you” and i’m just as lost as before lol
What makes me the most anxious though are the countless scars on my arms and fading wounds.

It’s currently 2:45pm for me and we leave in exactly two hours and i can’t stop my heart from racing.

If anyone has tips on how I could keep my anxiety somehow at bay and calm myself, it would be really appreciated.


It’s either about that or you’re overthinking. If it is about the scars just know that eventually the issue will go away, and as long as the scars don’t look too serious I can promise you the doctor won’t give a shit. I know this because I’ve had small scars before and they didn’t seem to care, but as they got bigger they wanted me to get admitted to a hospital.

Hey friend,

You’ll be okay. That sounds to be, indeed, very stressful, especially since no information was given to you, but visiting a doctor is okay and nothing wrong will happen to you.

Do you have something soothing that you could hold in your hands? A non harmful object that reminds you a good memory, or someone you love, or even just something with a soothing texture (a piece of tissue, or a plushie… something like that). If you can hold that kind of thing and carry it with you, keep it in a pocket and try to focus on the sensation in your hand while you’re holding it. You can even try to name how it feels, in your mind.

Another thing you can try would be to listen to some music that relax you. Chill vibes, things that could help your heart to slow down. Same: if you can, take some music with you for the trip and so you have something to soothe you in the waiting room. While you’ll be there, you can try to look at the stuff around you, the decorations, the objects, the furniture, and focus on seeing more and more details on it. Again, eventually try to name and describe those in your mind, with as much details as possible. Time will pass more quickly while doing this.

Overall: deep breaths, always. With your belly, not with your chest. Inspire with your nose, hold on a little, expire with your mouth.

You got this. :hrtlegolove:

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